North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center Food Services

Agency: City of Carson City
State: Nevada
Level of Government: State & Local
  • Q - Medical Services
  • S - Utilities and Training Services
Opps ID: NBD17479548156874478
Posted Date: Sep 15, 2020
Due Date: Sep 27, 2020
Solicitation No: RFP
Source: Members Only
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RFP 2020-005 North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center Food Services RFP City of North Las Vegas 8/31/2020 9/27/2020 01:00:00 PM (PT)

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John J. Lee
City Manager
Ryann Juden
Council Members
Isaac E. Barron
Pamela A. Goynes-Brown
Scott Black
Richard J. Cherchio
Finance Department
2250 Las Vegas Boulevard, North · Suite #708 · North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030
Telephone: (702) 633-1463 · Fax: (702) 669-3328 · TDD: (800) 326-6868
August 31, 2020
RFP 2020-005 North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center Food Services
Proposals will be received electronically only through the Nevada Gov eMarketplace (NGEM)
System at until Monday, September 28, 2020 at 1:00 P.M. (the “Proposal
Due Date”).
An optional Pre-Proposal Meeting will be conducted at 1:00 P.M., local time, Tuesday,
September 8, 2020, via Google Meet conference call, Telephone #413-369-1127, Meeting Pin#
282 892 164#. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the Request for Proposal requirements
and answer any questions or concerns. Any and all questions asked during this meeting must be
sent via email or submitted in NGEM at the conclusion of the Pre-proposal meeting.
All questions or concerns must be submitted electronically in the NGEM System or via e-mail to
Joy Yoshida, Buyer, at The cut-off time for all questions is
September 14, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. All questions received will be consolidated and answered
AFTER the question cut off period via Addendum on NGEM. Any questions received after the
question cut off period will not be answered.
Proposal documents may be accessed at, at the City of North Las Vegas
website at at the Purchasing Bid Advertisements Page. The City
reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals, waive any informality or technicality, or to
otherwise accept Proposals deemed in the best interest of the City.
Joy Yoshida
Joy Yoshida, Buyer
Published Las Vegas Review Journal August 31, 2020
RFP 2020-005 North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center Food Services
The RFP documents and all Proposals submitted in response thereto are public records.
You are cautioned not to put any material into the Proposal that is proprietary in nature.
The City is a public agency as defined by state law. As such, it is subject to the Nevada
Public Records Law (Chapter 239 of the Nevada Revised Statutes). The City’s records
are public records, which are subject to inspection and copying by any person, unless
declared by law to be confidential.
The successful Respondent shall perform all the work described in this RFP as may be
necessary to complete the contract in a satisfactory and acceptable manner according to
the terms set forth herein and in any agreement entered into with the City.
Execution of the Contract by all named parties will authorize delivery of goods or services
obtained under this RFP.
Proposals must be submitted online through the Nevada Government eMarketplace
(NGEM). The NGEM System is an electronic bidding system used by a consortium of local
government entities in Nevada for supplier registration and the submission of electronic
bids and proposals. The NGEM System is available at There is no
cost for any Respondent to use the NGEM System, however, all Respondents must
register prior to gaining access to see the details of any solicitation and to submit a bid or
proposal online. All Proposals must be submitted on the NGEM System no later than the
Proposal Due Date and time. Per the Terms of Use of the NGEM System, Proposals may
not be submitted after the Proposal Due Date, and the server clock will govern.
Any explanations desired by Respondent regarding the meaning or interpretation of
specifications must be requested in writing and with sufficient time allowed for a reply to
reach Respondent before submission of its Proposal. Oral explanations given before the
award of the Contract will not be binding. Any written interpretation made will be furnished
to all Respondents, and its receipt by the Respondent will be acknowledged. Interpretation
of the meaning of the plans, specifications or other pre-Proposal documents will not be
binding if presented to any Respondent orally. Every request for such interpretation
should be in writing addressed to Joy Yoshida, Buyer by email at Any and all such interpretations and any
supplemental instructions deemed necessary will be in the form of a written addendum to
the specifications which, if issued, will be posted on NGEM. Failure of any Respondent to
receive any such addendum or interpretation shall not relieve such Respondent from any
obligation under the Proposal documents as submitted. All addenda issued shall become
part of the Proposal documents.
The evaluation of the Proposals will be conducted by City personnel. The City will award
this Request for Proposal based on the Respondent who submits the most responsive,
responsible Proposal deemed to be in the City’s best interest according to the evaluation
criteria set forth within this RFP. Please prepare your Proposal according to the
appropriate sections and your Proposal will be evaluated accordingly. The City reserves
the right to reject all Proposals, including proposals that are not within the City’s budget.
Pursuant to NRS 332.065(3), the City shall not enter into a contract with a Respondent to
this Proposal unless the contract includes the written certification that the company is not
currently engaged in, and agrees for the duration of the contract not to engage in, a boycott
of Israel.
It is agreed that the Contract must not be assigned, transferred, conveyed, or otherwise
disposed of by either party in any manner, unless approved in writing by the other party
or unless otherwise allowed pursuant to NRS 332.095(2). The Respondent will be an
independent contractor for all purposes and no agency, either expressed or implied,
(a) The Proposal must be signed by a duly authorized official of the proposing firm or
company submitting its Proposal.
(b) No Proposal will be accepted from any person, firm, or corporation that is in arrears
for any obligation to the City, or that otherwise may be deemed irresponsible or
unresponsive by City staff or City Council.
(c) No Proposal will be accepted from any person, firm, or corporation if that person,
firm, or corporation or any of its principals are debarred, suspended, proposed for
debarment, declared ineligible or voluntarily excluded from transactions with any
federal or state department or agency. By signing and submitting a Proposal to the
City, the Respondent certifies that no current suspension or debarment exists.
(d) All Proposals shall be prepared in a comprehensive manner as to content, but no
necessity exists for expensive binders or promotional material.
The City will publish the Recommendation of Award Notification on NGEM. Any
Respondent may file a notice of protest regarding the proposed award of the Contract by
the North Las Vegas City Council. Respondents will have five (5) business days from the
date the Recommendation of Award is published to submit the written protest to the City
Clerk. The written protest must include a statement setting forth, with specificity, the
reasons the person filing the protest believes that applicable provisions of the Contract
documents or law were violated. At the time a notice of protest is filed, the person filing
such notice of protest shall post a bond with a good and solvent surety authorized to do
business in the State of Nevada, and supply it to the City Clerk. The bond posted must
be in an amount equal to the lesser of (i) twenty-five percent (25%) of the total value of
the Proposal submitted by the person filing the notice of protest; or (ii) two hundred fifty
thousand dollars ($250,000).
A notice of protest filed in accordance with this section shall operate as a stay of action in
relation to the award of the Contract until a determination is made by the North Las Vegas
City Council. A person who makes an unsuccessful proposal may not seek any type of
judicial intervention until after the North Las Vegas City Council has made a determination
on the notice of protest and awarded the Contract. Neither the City nor any authorized
representative of the City is liable for any costs, expenses, attorney’s fees, loss of income
or other damages sustained by a person who submits a Proposal, whether or not the
person files a notice of protest pursuant to this section.
If a protest is upheld, the bond posted and submitted with the notice of protest will be
returned to the person who posted the bond. If the protest is rejected, a claim may be
made against the bond by the City in an amount equal to the expenses incurred by the
City because of the unsuccessful protest.
All Respondents must provide a copy of all appropriate licenses in accordance with the
laws of the State of Nevada, prior to submission of Proposals for this project. Upon award,
the successful Respondent will be required to obtain a North Las Vegas Business License.
Proposals received will be opened and the name of the Respondent’s company will be
read via conference call at the time and place indicated in the Request for Proposal
documents. Respondents, their authorized agents and the public are invited to call in. No
responsibility will attach to any City official or employee for the pre-opening of, or the failure
to open, a Proposal not properly addressed or identified.
The Contract shall have a term of one (1) year from November 1, 2020 to October 31,
2021, with an option for a one-year extension at the City’s discretion.
Prior to the commencement of the Contract, the successful Respondent must provide
properly executed Certificates of Insurance to the City, which shall clearly evidence all
insurance required by the City, including a policy or certificate of comprehensive general
liability insurance in which the City, its public officials, officers, employees, agents, and
volunteers shall be the named insured or be named as an additional insured. In
compliance with this provision, the Respondent may file with the City a satisfactory policy
providing a minimum $1,000,000 "blanket coverage" policy or certificate of insurance.
Such insurance will (i) waive subrogation against the City, its officers, agents, servants,
and employees; (ii) will be primary and any insurance or self-insurance maintained by the
City will apply in excess of, and not contribute with, the insurance required; (iii) will include
or be endorsed to cover the Respondents contractual liability to the City; and (iv) disclose
all deductibles and self-insured retentions in the Certificate of Insurance. No deductible or
self-insured retention may exceed $250,000.00 without the City’s written approval.
Required insurance shall not be canceled, allowed to expire or be materially reduced in
coverage until after 30 dayswritten notice has been given to, and approved in writing by,
the City Attorney or the City Risk Manager.
The policy shall provide the following minimum limits:
Commercial General Liability (CGL) : Insurance Services Office Form CG 00 01 covering
CGL on an “occurrence” basis, including products and completed operations, property
damage, bodily injury and personal & advertising injury with limits no less
than $3,000,000.00 per occurrence. If a general aggregate limit applies, either the general
aggregate limit shall apply separately to this project/location (ISO CG 25 03 05 09 or 25
04 05 09) or the general aggregate limit shall be twice the required occurrence limit.
The City, its officers, officials, employees, and volunteers are to be covered as additional
insureds on the CGL policy with respect to liability arising out of work or operations
performed by or on behalf of the Contractor including materials, parts or equipment
furnished in connection with such work or operations. General liability coverage can be
provided in the form of an endorsement to the Contractor’s insurance (at least as broad
as ISO Form CG 20 10 11 85 or both CG 20 10, CG 20 26, CG 20 33, or CG 20 38; and CG
20 37 forms if later revisions used).
ISO Form Number CA 00 01 covering any auto (Code 1), or if Contractor has no owned
autos, covering hired, (Code 8) and non-owned autos (Code 9), with limit no less
than $2,000,000 per accident for bodily injury and property damage.
Such insurance shall include the specific coverage set out herein and be written for NOT
LESS THAN the limits of liability and coverage provided in the “Insurance Service Office”,
or required by law and other governing agencies, whichever is greater. The cost of this
insurance shall be deemed included in the Proposal prices and no additional
compensation will be made.
In addition, the Respondent shall furnish evidence of a commitment by the insurance
company to notify the City by registered mail of the expiration or cancellation of the
insurance policies required not less than 30 days before the expiration or cancellation is
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