Charlotte Water Ordinance Revision Services

Agency: Charlotte Douglas International Airport
State: North Carolina
Level of Government: State & Local
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Posted Date: Jan 12, 2021
Due Date: Feb 16, 2021
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Charlotte Water Ordinance Revision Services

This RFP is to obtain a contract with a qualified consultant (Company) whom will be responsible for performing the Services necessary to update the content within Chapter 23 of the City’s Ordinance (Chapter 23), ensuring Charlotte Water can provide an accurate ordinance for staff and citizens to use as a resource for water, sewer, and industrial waste discharge restrictions.

Type Request for Proposals
Solicitation Number FY21-RFP-21
Department Charlotte Water
Category General Services
Commodity Code(s) 91858, 91872, 92694, 92695, 96112
Chapter 23 Exhibit A - City of Charlotte Ordinance Chapter 23.pdf

FY21-RFP-21 CLTW Ordinance Revision Services (final).pdf
Pre-Bid Date & Time 1/25/2021 1:00 PM
Pre-Bid Location To register as an attendee for the Pre-Proposal Conference, click the link below or copy and paste it into a web browser. Once successfully registered, a confirmation email with meeting access details will automatically be sent to the registered email address. If a confirmation email is not received within one hour of registration, please check the registered email address’s junk or spam folder, then call Webex support. Each attendee should register individually to ensure the City has an accurate attendee record.
Bid Due Date & Time 2/15/2021 2:00 PM
Bid Opening Location Companies wanting to be considered for providing the required services to the City should submit an electronic proposal to Ryan Lingholm at . Proposals must be in searchable PDF format only and sent as an attachment to the email (Companies may not provide a link to the document). PDF attachments must be limited to less than 50 MB. Hard copies will not be accepted. The subject line of the email shall include “FY21-RFP-21”.
For questions please contact Ryan Lingholm
Additional notes This is a re-advterisement of RFP # FY21-RFP-17 and includes modifications to requirements, forms, etc.; please read the new RFP thoroughly.

Attachment Preview

--- (1) ---
Charter referenceUtilities regulation, § 6.121; water and sewers, § 7.21.
Cross referenceBuildings and building regulations, ch. 5; floods, ch. 9; stormwater, ch. 18; streets,
sidewalks and other public places, ch. 19; subdivisions, ch. 20; zoning, app. A.
State Law referenceSanitary sewage disposal rules, G.S. 130A-333; ground absorption sewage
disposal systems, G.S. 130A-343 et seq.; water and air resources, G.S. 143-211 et seq.; revenue bonds,
G.S. 159-80 et seq.; public enterprises, G.S. 160A-311 et seq.
--- (2) ---
Editor's noteOrd. No. 5230, § 1(Exh. A), adopted October 28, 2013, amended article I in its entirety to
read as herein set out. Formerly, article I pertained to similar subject matter, and derived from the Code of
1985, §§ 23-123-13; Ord. No. 2274, § 1, adopted March 24, 2003; Ord. No. 3603, §§ 13, adopted
May 29, 2007; Ord. No. 4127, §§ 1, 2, adopted March 9, 2009; Ord. No. 4609, § 1, adopted February 28,
2011, and Ord. No. 5007, § 3, adopted November 26, 2012.
Sec. 23-1. - Definitions.
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings ascribed
to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities (CMUD) means the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department.
Commercial users means those customers who desire water and/or sanitary sewer service for
commercial use or for use in the transaction of their business.
Complete service connection means a three-quarter-inch or one-inch water service connection which
consists of the connection to a public water main of a service line, a meter yoke, a meter box, required
appurtenances, and a stubbed out connection point for connection of the applicant's private plumbing
system. Water service connections larger than one inch consist of the connection to a public water main of
a service line, a meter box or vault, piping to the property line, a valve at the property line, and other required
Director means the director of CMUD. The director or his designated representative is authorized to
act on behalf of CMUD.
Page 1
Late payment, fixed, means the customer service cost for processing a delinquent account listed on a
delinquent account register.
Late payment, variable, means the cost of carrying outstanding balances in customer accounts.
Meter removal means the physical removal of the meter from the connections inside the meter box.
Partial service connection means connection to the water main, service line to the point of a future
meter location and includes the meter box and other required appurtenances.
Temporary water users means water customers who are not the owners of the premises served and
who desire water service for less than six months annually and for a given period of time.
Turnoff means the physical turnoff of the meter in the meter box.
Turnoff at main means the physical disconnection of the waterline at the water main.
Turn-on means the physical turn-on of the meter in the meter box.
Yoke removal means the physical removal of the yoke, located inside the meter box, that is used to
secure the inlet and outlet pipes for meter installation.
(Ord. No. 5230, § 1(Exh. A), 10-28-2013)
Cross referenceDefinitions generally, § 1-2.
Sec. 23-2. - Deposit requirements.
(a) Under this chapter, deposits are not required from residential customers except those accounts which
are delinquent under policies set by the city manager. Cash deposits are required from all commercial
users in such amount as set by the city manager.
(b) If any user fails to pay the amount due for water and/or sewer service, according to the requirements
of section 23-5, or for stormwater service, according to the requirements of article II of chapter 18 of
this Code, the city shall have the right without further notice to the user to discontinue water and/or
sewer service to the user and charge against the deposit the amount due.
(c) Any deposit will be held by the city to the credit of the customer, making the deposit as a guarantee
that the bills will be paid for water and/or sewer services and for stormwater service as set forth in
article II of chapter 18 of this Code. The deposit will be applied to the depositor's account balance in
the order listed in subsection 23-3(5).
(d) Refunds of less than $1.00 will be withheld and will escheat to the state. Refunds will be processed
upon receipt of specific written request and provision of a stamped, self-addressed envelope. No
interest will be due on any amount held for a refund. Final bills for less than $1.00 will not be issued.
The city manager may designate other amounts from time to time for escheat refunds or that will not
be final billed.
(Ord. No. 5230, § 1(Exh. A), 10-28-2013)
Sec. 23-3. - Schedule of water and sewer rates.
The water and/or sewer service user charge shall be a monthly charge based upon the water
consumption of the property served, as measured by the water meter on the property, per 100 cubic feet
of water used, except as set forth in the water and sewer rate methodology documents described in
subsection 23-129(a). Meters will be read on a schedule set by the city manager, and water furnished shall
be paid for according to the schedule of current rates, fees and charges by the following classifications:
(1) Rates for water and sewer furnished.
Page 2
(2) Minimum fixed charge for water and for sewer per customer. The fixed customer service charge
on each bill relates to providing basic servicing (e.g., meter reading, billing, etc.) of customer
accounts, even if no water or sewer service is used during the billing period associated with the
fixed customer service charge.
(3) Rates for private fire lines at the customer's request and application.
(4) Determination of rates for subsections (1) and (2) of this section shall be arrived at in accord with
the water and sewer rate methodology documents and procedures described in detail in
subsection 23-129(a);
(5) Payment will be applied to a customer's bill in the following order:
a. Civil penalties assessed pursuant to this chapter;
b. Delinquent fees for water and/or sewer;
c. Stormwater;
d. Sewer; and
e. Water.
(Ord. No. 5230, § 1(Exh. A), 10-28-2013)
Sec. 23-4. - Delivery of bills.
A water and/or sewer bill will either be sent through the United States mail or delivered by an alternate
method approved by the city manager, notifying all customers of the amount of the bill, the date the payment
is due and the date when past due. Failure to receive a bill is not justification for nonpayment.
(Ord. No. 5230, § 1(Exh. A), 10-28-2013)
Sec. 23-5. - Delinquent fees and charges; conditions; notice; appeals; water service termination actions.
(a) Current charges for water and/or sewer service are due when billed and are considered delinquent if
not paid within 25 days of the billing date, except as otherwise approved by the city manager.
(b) If, at the time of next billing, the account has an unpaid balance:
(1) A late charge of one and one-half percent will be assessed against the unpaid balance. This
charge shall be called a late payment-variable charge.
(2) If the customer does not inform the customer service division of any complaint concerning
accuracy of the bill constituting the past due balance, and if the customer does not pay the past
due balance within ten days from the most recent billing date, the account is delinquent, and water
service is subject to termination.
(3) Notice of delinquency and of CMUD's intent to terminate service will be given in writing to the
(c) If payment of the past due balance is not received by the deadline specified in the notice, a charge will
be assessed to cover the costs of identifying the account as delinquent and of initiating the appropriate
termination procedure. This charge shall be called a late payment fixed charge.
(d) If full payment of the past due balance is received between the specified deadline and the close of
business on the workday preceding scheduled termination, a charge will be levied to recover costs
associated with identifying the late payment and cancelling the termination order. This charge shall be
called a delinquent processing charge and must be paid before the turnoff order will be rescinded.
Page 3
(e) If the meter is turned off for nonpayment, service will not be restored until payment of the following
charges and/or fees is received by the customer service division:
(1) Past due water and sewer charges.
(2) Past due service charges.
(3) Late payment charges (variable and fixed).
(4) The delinquent fee to cover the costs of turning the meter off and on.
(f) If the account carries a past due balance representing two or more months' bills, and if the meter was
turned off during the previous delinquent cutoff cycle because of nonpayment, the meter may be
removed, and the account may be finalized just as though the customer requested discontinuance of
service. Any existing security deposit may be applied against the final bill. To have service restored,
the customer must pay the following:
(1) All outstanding water and sewer bills.
(2) All outstanding service charges.
(3) Late payment charges (variable and fixed).
(4) Meter turnoff fee.
(5) Meter removal and installation fee.
(6) New security deposit, if applicable.
(g) Delinquent charges shall accrue for each occurrence and must be paid in addition to any outstanding
amounts which may include, but are not limited to, the following:
(1) Water and sewer bills.
(2) Service charges.
(3) Late payment charges (variable and fixed).
(4) Meter turnoff/turn-on delinquent fee.
(5) Meter removal and installation fee.
(6) New security deposit, if applicable.
(h) When a customer has vacated the premises, leaving bills and/or charges unpaid, that customer will
not be furnished water or sewer service elsewhere until all outstanding bills, charges and fees have
been paid.
(i) CMUD is authorized to take the following other termination actions as necessary and to charge fees
to recover the costs of such actions:
(1) Meter removal. The physical removal of a meter following unauthorized turn-on by a customer.
(2) Unauthorized meter. The physical removal of a meter assigned to a designated service location
in the system but found in another service location.
(3) Unauthorized device. The physical removal of any unauthorized device used to obtain water
service along with the yoke.
(4) Turnoff at the main. The disconnection of the service connection at the main to prevent the
customer from installing unauthorized yokes, meters, pipes and other devices in order to obtain
water services.
(j) The late payment charges (variable and fixed), the delinquent processing charge, the meter
turnoff/turn-on fee, the meter removal and installation fee, as well as those fees applicable to the
unauthorized obtainment of service described in subsection (i) of this section, are set forth in the
Page 4
schedule of current rates, fees and charges. Such charges may be reviewed and adjusted as
(k) For sewer-service-only customers:
(1) Charges will be billed in the same manner as water charges or water and sewer charges. They
shall be subject to the same time limit for payment as water charges in addition to any and all
penalties provided by law, including late payment charges (variable and fixed).
(2) CMUD may cut off sewer service to the property for failure to pay sewer charges.
(3) If service is discontinued, a delinquent fee shall be calculated which represents the actual cost of
disconnection and the estimated cost of reconnection. This fee shall be called a delinquent sewer
(4) To have service restored, the customer must pay all outstanding charges and the delinquent
sewer fee.
(Ord. No. 5230, § 1(Exh. A), 10-28-2013)
Sec. 23-6. - Complaints of erroneous or excessive water and/or sewer charges.
(a) A customer having a grievance or complaint that a water and/or sewer bill is erroneous or excessive
must file written or verbal notice with the customer service division of CMUD. A reasonable opportunity
will be provided to the customer to speak with a representative of the customer service division
concerning such grievance or complaint prior to terminating water or sewer service or making any final
determination on any adjustment, allowance or rebate. If it is determined that the amount of the bill is
in error, an adjustment will be made accordingly.
(b) If leaks are found in the customer's plumbing and CMUD finds that leaky pipe fixtures caused the
excessive bill, an allowance or rebate will be made for the excess for no more than two months, after
evidence has been produced indicating that the leak has been stopped. The amount of such allowance
or rebate will be determined as follows:
(1) Water: Adjustment made for 50 percent of the excess.
(2) Sewer: Adjustment made for 50 percent of the excess when water is returned to the sewer system
for treatment, and 100 percent of the excess when water is not returned to the sewer system for
(c) Notwithstanding any other provision of this article, the director may adjust a water and/or sewer bill
otherwise prepared in accordance with this article in such manner and in such amount as he
determines to be just and equitable, based upon guidelines approved by the city manager.
(d) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (b) of this section, no allowance or rebate shall be made
pursuant to subsection (b)(1) of this section during any time that a water shortage declaration is in
effect as provided in article VII of this chapter.
(Ord. No. 5230, § 1(Exh. A), 10-28-2013)
Sec. 23-7. - Charges for water or sewer service provided without prior knowledge of CMUD.
(a) If water has been obtained without the knowledge of CMUD, a bill will be made against the user or
customer for the estimated amount of water used or for the quantity shown to have been used by the
meter. If the water was obtained through any unauthorized meter or device, such service will be
terminated immediately.
(b) If wastewater is discharged into the CMUD system without the actual knowledge of CMUD, a bill will
be made against the user or customer for the estimated amount of the discharge or for the quantity of
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