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Pennsylvania Bids3,083
California Bids2,435
New York Bids2,180
Florida Bids2,172
Massachusetts Bids1,856
Virginia Bids1,670
Texas Bids1,432
Maryland Bids1,217
Michigan Bids1,099
Ohio Bids967
Washington Bids882
New Jersey Bids877
Georgia Bids762
South Carolina Bids674
North Carolina Bids664
Illinois Bids642
British Columbia Bids608
Alberta Bids608
District of Columbia Bids607
Oklahoma Bids591
Colorado Bids458
Louisiana Bids432
Connecticut Bids428
Oregon Bids401
Minnesota Bids394
Missouri Bids323
Alabama Bids312
Arizona Bids300
Hawaii Bids293
Utah Bids289
Mississippi Bids276
Wisconsin Bids261
Arkansas Bids258
Kansas Bids243
West Virginia Bids241
Tennessee Bids220
Montana Bids217
Alaska Bids217
Iowa Bids193
Nevada Bids193
Ontario Bids185
Saskatchewan Bids177
New Mexico Bids171
Rhode Island Bids148
New Hampshire Bids146
Indiana Bids144
Nova Scotia Bids131
Idaho Bids121
Maine Bids114
Vermont Bids105
Delaware Bids102
Kentucky Bids101
Nebraska Bids82
South Dakota Bids60
Northwest Territories Bids53
North Dakota Bids48
Wyoming Bids38
Prince Edward Island Bids38
Puerto Rico Bids33
Yukon Territory Bids32
Manitoba Bids25
Guam Bids24
Newfoundland and Labrador Bids23
Virgin Islands Bids6
Nunavut Bids0
New Brunswick Bids0
Quebec Bids0
Active Government Bids36,048
Purchasing Agencies / Buyers60,321

New Government Bids

State Government of California


18-423 Mid-Day and Evening Janitorial Services at the Los Gatos DMV Field Office Event ID: 18-423 Format/Type: Sell Event / RFx Published Date: 2018-10-19 8:42AM PDT Dept: Department of Motor Vehicles Event Version: 1 Event…

State Government of Texas


Special Education Technical Development Committee Solicitation ID: 701-19-030 | Due Date: 11/20/2018 | Due Time: 2:00 PM | Agency Number: 701 | Status: Posted | Posting Date: 10/19/2018 Creation Date: 10/17/2018 6:40 pm…

State Government of New York

New York

Issue Date: 10/19/2018 Contract Number: TBD Arborist Lift Purchase and Maintenance Services Description: Description of Goods or Services to Be Bid Battery Park City Authority d/b/a Hugh L. Carey Battery Park City Authority…

State Government of Florida


Advertisement Detail Department of Health Single Source Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Geographic Information Syst (GIS) Software License Advertisement Number: EXP2224 Version Number: 001 Advertisement Begin…

State Government of Illinois


Important: Solicitation file attachments are now located at the bottom of this page. Solicitation Overview Help Identification Reference Number: 22043047 Request ID: Agency Reference Number: AG IT CP19-021 Agency: AGO -…

State Government of Virginia


RFP VCCS-ALL-19-0007-2-1 Sign Language Interpreting Status: Open Time Left:27 days Closing: 11/15/18 2:00 PM Issued: 10/18/18 5:00 PM Last Amended: Buyer:Jeanie Milstead 540-591-4072 RFP VCCS-ALL-19-0007-2-1…

State Government of Pennsylvania


ADVERTISEMENT INFORMATION General Information Department for this solicitation: Procurement Date Prepared: 10/18/18 Types: IFB Advertisement Type: Service Materials Service & Materials PW Construction Agency Construction…

State Government of Georgia


eSource Number ES-RFQ-64403-464 Agency Name 64403 DEKALB COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT (DECATUR) Contact Name McWhorter, Lisa Contact Phone 4045087758 Contact Email Fiscal Year 2019 eSource Title T.O.…

State Government of North Carolina

North Carolina

Bid Number Description Date Issued Bid Opening Date Bid Opening Time Help 274-2019-10 Valve Maintenance Truck Bid Agent: Lenore Bishop 919-996-3554 10/22/2018 11/1/2018 02:00 PM ET 274-

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