USAOPPS.com is a leading provider of the US local government bids since 2000.

Established in Virginia, USAOPPS.com has helped small and medium sized companies win government contracts and find potential teaming partners online since 2000. USAOPPS helps businesses in identifying government opportunities in all industrial fields from more than 60,000 government purchasing offices in the federal, state, and local government marketplace. USAOPPS allows contractors to find government opportunities that are relevant to their businesses quickly, saving time and money.

Our bid systems currently contains the most coverage on government agencies than any other competitors. We deliver the matched bid report tailored to your profile on every weekdays.

Our system monitors public agencies on real time and detects the new bids every day. The government business can give you the extra stable incomes to your business. Diversifying your income sources is one of the most important aspect to grow your business and become stable. It is impossible to accurately predict when a recession will occur, diversifying income sources can help your business stay stable whatever direction the economy takes. Different sources of income will enable you to withstand when the economy hits hard, so you'll be prepared no matter what happens.

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USAOPPS BID gives you access to:

  • Bid Opportunities from City, County, Local government agencies
  • Bid Opportunities from State government agencies
  • Bid Opportunities from Federal government agencies
  • Access to Award notices
  • Access to Bid Archives
  • Direct download of Bid documents
  • Daily Bid Alert Service(email or online)

Over 15 years, USAOPPS has provided benefits to government contractors by streamlining the bid process, saving significant costs and time. Increased bid competition drives costs down for government agencies, as well as saving marketing and administrative expenses.