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BACKGROUND. There is continued evidence of how complementary and alternative treatments for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) aid in the treatment for veterans in the Mental Health Rehabilitation Residential Treatment Program (MHRRTP). Specifically, in the PTSD track, data suggests significant difference from cohorts that received little to no yoga therapy compared to those that received yoga therapy twice or more per week. The cohorts that received yoga therapy twice per week reported significantly less anxiety and significantly less depressive symptoms. This suggests need for continued funding of Yoga practices to help veterans improve treatment outcomes in the MHRRTP.

SCOPE. The MHRRTP requires a yoga therapist to conduct yoga sessions twice per week (1 x week on Saturday or Sunday afternoon/evening and 1x week day or holiday if there is holiday in the week.). This is a program that services twenty five veterans per month. Experience working with PTSD and SUD patients is desired.

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: The period of performance for this contract will be for a Base Year 10/01/2017 through 09/30/2018, plus four (4) Option Years for services through 09/30/2022.

CONTRACT TYPE: Firm fixed price contract.

PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: The anticipated service location is Building 95, MHRRTP at the:

Southern Arizona VA Health Care System

3601 S. 6TH Ave.

Tucson, AZ 85723

CONTRACT AWARD MEETING: The Contractor shall not commence performance on the tasks in the awarded Statement of Work until the Contracting Officer has conducted a kick off meeting or has advised the Contractor that a kick off meeting is waived.

GOVERNMENT FURNISHED PROPERTY: Government furnished property will not be provided to the Contractor. All equipment required by the Contractor will provided at their expense.

CONTRACTING OFFICER S REPRESENTATIVE (COR): VA shall designate a Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) to monitor the contract performance, act as a clinical liaison for all client related issues between the Contractor and VA, and assist in contract administration. A delegation of authority letter delineating the responsibilities and limitations of the COR shall be provided. Any commitments of changes, which affect the price, quantity, authority to amend or render a decision on questions of the fact in dispute and related contract administration problems are duties of the Contracting Officer and cannot be delegated.

The Contractor shall not accept any instructions issued by any other person(s) other than the Contracting Officer or the COR acting within the limits of his/her authority. Only those services specified herein are authorized. Before performing any service of a non-contract nature, the Contractor shall advise the Contracting Officer of the reasons for additional work. Changes to the Contract may be made only in writing through a contract modification by the Contracting Officer.

METHOD OF INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE: The Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) will evaluate all deliverables submitted. The COR is responsible for certifying invoices for payment only for deliverables received and deemed acceptable by the COR. A Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan will be used by the COR to assure success. The contractor agrees to an ongoing Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan.


Any overtime and/or holiday pay that may be entitled to the Contractor personnel shall be the sole responsibility of the Contractor and shall not be billed to nor reimbursed by the Government.

NATIONAL HOLIDAYS: Listed below are the ten national holidays.

New Year s Day January 1

Martin Luther King s Birthday Third Monday in January

President s Day Third Monday in February

Memorial Day Last Monday in May

Independence Day July 4

Labor Day First Monday in September

Columbus Day Second Monday in October

Veterans Day November 11

Thanksgiving Day Fourth Thursday in November

Christmas Day December 25

When one of the holidays falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be observed as a national holiday. When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday is observed as a national holiday by U.S. Government Agencies. Also included would be any day specifically declared by the President of the United States of America as a national holiday.

SECURITY REQUIREMENTS: The C&A requirements do not apply. A Security Accreditation Package is not required.


3.1 Specific Tasks. The Yoga therapist will conduct yoga therapy twice per week in Building 95. These sessions will be 60 minutes in length and need to be conducted in the early evening hours on Saturday or Sunday 1 x-week afternoon/evening and on a week day or holiday, if there is one during the week.

The Yoga therapist will be able to adjust therapy to meet individual needs (e.g., physical limitations). Instruction must be in person and the contractor is responsible to locating a qualified substitute when the primary instructor is unable to conduct the class. The contractor will only be paid in full for complete sessions held. At least one patient will need to attend in order for yoga therapy sessions to occur. If less than one patient is in attendance by quarter after the scheduled start time the contractor is only entitled to the NO SHOW fee in CLIN s 0003, 1003, 2003, 3003, 4003.

During these sessions the yoga therapist will measure pulse rates at each class and Subjective Units of Distress ratings at each class. The contractor will not be required to provide yoga mats or supplies for patients.

Task 1 Yoga Therapy twice per week.

Subtask 1 Record Pre-Post Subjective Units of Distress Ratings

At the beginning (pre-) and at the end (post-) of each yoga session, the instructor will record each patient s verbal report of Subjective Units of Distress (global distress rating on a scale of 0-100) on the class roster. These ratings will be reported to program staff for monitoring purposes.

Task 2-Monthly Reports.

The contractor is required to provide the COR with monthly written progress reports (original plus 2 copies). These reports are due to the COR by the fifth workday following the end of each calendar month throughout the project s duration.

The progress reports shall cover all work completed during the preceding month and shall present the work to be accomplished during the subsequent month. This report shall also identify any problems that arose and a statement explaining how the problem was resolved. This report shall also identify any problems that have arisen but have not been completely resolved with an explanation.

Task 3-Bimonthly Review.

Approximately every eight weeks, the yoga therapist will meet with the program director of the MHRRTP, in person or over the phone (for an estimated half an hour), to go over the data received and any patient feedback about the yoga programming. The yoga therapist will also be available to discuss any more urgent feedback from veterans or staff during the course of the contract.

Schedule for Deliverables

Task 1-Yoga Therapy twice per week including Federal Holidays.

Task 2-Monthly Reports. Due fifth work day following end of the calendar month.

Task 3-Bimonthly Review. Due fifth work day following end of the calendar month.

Deliverables: If for any reason any deliverable cannot be delivered within the scheduled time frame, the contractor is required to explain why in writing to the COR and Contracting Officer including a firm commitment of when the work shall be completed. This notice to the VA shall cite the reasons for the delay, and the impact on the overall project.


Certified Yoga therapist.

Experience desired working with veterans diagnosed with PTSD and with SUD.
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Contracting Office Address :
Department of Veterans Affairs;Contracting Section;3601 S. 6th Avenue;Tucson AZ 85723
Point of Contact(s) :
Cynthia Valdes
Contract Specialist
520-792-1450 x4371


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