Community Connector Transit Center Building

Agency: City of Bangor
State: Maine
Level of Government: State & Local
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Opps ID: NBD11622206588450850
Posted Date: Jul 28, 2020
Due Date: Aug 26, 2020
Source: Members Only
Community Connector Transit Center Building

The City of Bangor invites sealed proposals for Professional Architectural and Engineering Services from qualified, responsive, and responsible architectural and engineering firms to provide assistance with the design of, and construction administration for, a new building to function as the Regional Transit Center.

Due by 2:00 PM, Wednesday, August 26, 2020

General Information


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Purchasing Department
73 Harlow Street
Bangor, Maine 04401
Request for Proposals
Community Connector Transit Center Building
The City of Bangor is soliciting proposals for Professional Architectural and Engineering
Services from qualified, responsive, and responsible architectural and engineering firms to
provide assistance with the design of, and construction administration for, a new building to
function as the Regional Transit Center. The Transit Center will be located in Pickering Square
adjacent to the Pickering Square Parking Garage. The selection of the Contractor will be
qualifications-based in accordance with the “Brooks Act,” Section 1101 through 1104, to
acquire A&E services. The project will be administered by the City of Bangor Engineering
Department and the Community Connector.
Date Due: August 26, 2020
Local Time: 2:00 PM.
Proposals must be received prior to the time and date for which they are due.
Late Proposals. Any proposal, portion of a proposal, or unrequested proposal revision
received at the City of Bangor after the time and date specified on the cover page of this
RFP will not be accepted.
Any communication in reference to this RFP shall be in writing by email and directed to
Katie Coe, the RFP Coordinator, City Manager’s Office. All correspondence must reference
Project name in the subject line.
Name: Katie Coe
Title: RFP Coordinator
Office: City of Bangor
General information is available on the City’s website at the following web address: By submitting a response to this solicitation, the bidder
accepts the responsibility for downloading, reading and bidding by the terms and
conditions set forth in the City’s “General Information for Vendors”.
A non-mandatory Pre Bid meeting will be held on site at Pickering Square on Wednesday
August 12, 2020 at 10:00 AM to review the project with potential consultants.
During the proposal preparation period, all requests for clarification and/or additional
information must be submitted via e-mail to the RFP Coordinator referenced in Section 2 of
this RFP by no later than 4:30 PM. on Monday August 17, 2020. City of Bangor reserves
the right to answer or not answer any question received. Late requests for clarification will
not be accepted. When appropriate, responses to clarification requests will be emailed no
later than close of business on August 19, 2020 at 4:30 p.m.
Project Information
The City of Bangor intends to develop a new Transit Center Building in Pickering Square
within the City of Bangor. The location for the new transit center has been determined
from previously completed transit studies and has been approved by the Bangor City
Council and has a consensus of the general public.
The new modern Transit Center building is estimated to be about 1,000 to 2,000 square
feet and include an attached bus platform. The proposed design will focus on the transit
rider with amenities that improve the passenger experience and public perception. The
new facility will incorporate ADA requirements and add enhancements to accessibility and
mobility within the service area. The proposed amenities will include heat and air
conditioning, an enclosed waiting area, outside shelters and interactive schedule
information kiosks, public restrooms and bus operators' break room and private restroom.
Public WIFI, children changing stations, vending concessions, a ticket window, and an
automatic voice annunciation system are also desired amenities. The new facility will have
the ability to be staffed by an attendant during operating hours to accommodate greater
customer service and access to ticket purchase.
The proposed passenger platform will have a roof and be wind protected to keep travelers
shielded from the elements during inclement weather. The platform will accommodate 5 to
7 buses with one 45 foot bus bay for intercity bus service shared with fixed route; two
taxi/ride hailing stands that would also be shared with other transportation agencies who
come into the region on a daily basis. There would also be active transportation facilities
like bike racks and bike storage using the most up to date technology.
Seating for passengers will be located along the platform which will also contain outdoor
video boards announcing bus lines and destinations and all this should improve headways
and increase service reliability.
The new downtown transportation center will accommodate multiple modes of
transportation at one central location, and will create a hub of accessible, connected
transportation. This new facility will create new transportation choices and eliminate gaps
in the current route network.
The City of Bangor has recently completed several projects within Pickering Square in
advance of the new Transit Center Building. These projects have included modifications to
the parking garage to improve vehicle and pedestrian circulation as well as landscape
improvements along Merchants Plaza that include new plantings, new pavers, lighting, and
benches. The City currently has scheduled the replacement of the William C. Orr Bridge
that provides a pedestrian connection from the Parking Garage to Exchange Street. This
bridge construction work is scheduled for the summer of 2020.
The City of Bangor has completed a master plan for Pickering Square that includes a
conceptual location and size for the Transit Center Building. This plan has been included
with this request for proposals for the Proposer’s use. The selected Consultant will work
closely with City staff to incorporate the new Transit Center Building into this master plan.
Survey data for Pickering Square will be provided to the Consultant in AutoCad format.
Scope of Services
All Architectural and Engineering services must be performed by, or under the direct
supervision of Architects and Engineers licensed to work in the State of Maine. The scope
of services includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks:
Conceptual Building Design and Layout
The Consultant will develop conceptual plans for the exterior of the building that
compliment Pickering Square and accentuate the building’s function as an active transit
hub that is inviting to transit users. The Consultant shall include time within this proposal
to provide three conceptual plans for building exterior options to be discussed with City
The Consultant will work with City staff to develop interior floor plans that provide the
recommended layout for the building and identify facility needs and features.
At this time, the City believes that a building in the range of 1,000 to 2,000 square feet will
be sufficient to meet our current transit needs.
The Consultant should include time for two meetings to review and discuss conceptual
plans with City staff during this phase of the project. It is anticipated that a public meeting
will be held at this time as well.
The City will organize and advertise all public meetings associated with the project,
however the Consultant shall be available to review the conceptual design with the public
and address questions.
Preliminary Design
Once the City and the Consultant have agreed upon a concept building design and layout,
the project will move forward to preliminary design phase. During this phase the
Consultant will determine final building size and layout and interior and exterior materials.
Proposed mechanical systems for economically heating and cooling the building will be
decided upon. Connections and locations to public utilities including water, sewer, gas,
electric, and communications will be determined.
At this time, the Design Consultant will also develop plans for the passenger platform
adjacent to the building. Passenger information systems and communication equipment
within the building as well as at the platform will be identified.
The Consultant will develop a probable construction cost estimate for the building and the
passenger platform. During this phase, the Consultant shall include time for two
meetings with City staff and one meeting to review the preliminary design with the public.
Final Design and Construction Documents
Using input received from City staff and interested stake holders during the preliminary
engineering phase, the Consultant will develop the final design plans for the Transit
Center Building and the Passenger Platform. These plans will include all of the necessary
details for a functional Transit Center Building and all of the desired amenities that have
been agreed upon during the design of the project. Once the final plans have been
approved by City Staff, the Consultant will prepare a detailed cost estimate for the
construction of the project. The Consultant will then prepare construction and bidding
documents for the project, including plans and specifications. The Consultant will assist
the City of Bangor with the public bidding and award of the project in accordance with
Federal Transit Administration (FTA) procurement requirements.
Construction Administration and Part time Inspection Services
Once a Contractor has been selected, the Consultant shall provide part-time construction
administration and inspection services for the project. These services shall be provided on
an hourly basis as needed and requested by the City of Bangor. This work shall include the
Review and approve shop drawings, contractor submittals, etc.
Weekly project inspection and report.
Respond to Contractor questions during construction
Preparation of change orders.
Review of payment requisitions.
Provide part-time inspection services. Consultant should assume 300 man-hours
for this task. (Note: The City may choose to provide on-site construction
inspection using City personnel should staff schedules allow).
Other services as necessary.
a. Proposal Rating. Proposals will be reviewed and rated using the responses to the
Proposer Information outlined in this RFP.
b. This is a Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) process, and therefore Technical
Proposals alone will be used to select the successful proposer. Once the successful
proposer has been selected, the government estimate will be compared against the
successful proposer’s Price Proposal and contract negotiations will begin.
a. Proposer’s Qualifications (25) points: Identify the key staff your company will
assign to fulfill the contract requirements (Contract Managers, contact people, or
assigned technicians). Provide resumes describing the educational and work
experiences for those key staff.
b. Proposer’s Experience and Project Understanding (35) points: Describe the
Proposer’s experience and capabilities providing similar services to those required.
Identify at least five (5) projects with whom your campany has done business similar to
that required in this RFP in the last five (5) years. Include points of contact (client’s
company name, contact name, address, and telephone number), a brief description of
the project, dates of the project and results.
c. Proposer’s ability to control Schedule and Costs on this project (20) points.
i. Methods for controlling costs – quality control – assuring constructability. Provide a
brief outline of methods used by the firm to control and monitor client costs, control
quality, and if applicable, assure constructability of design plans.
ii. Schedule/Workload/Communication. Provide a brief outline of your firm’s methods
of schedule control and ability to handle projected workload. Discuss project
coordination with the City of Bangor. Describe how your firm will manage its role in
this project and how it intends to maintain effective communication for the
d. Proposer’s References (20) points: Provide at least 3 work references including
points of contact (person’s name, company name, address and telephone number), and
a brief description of the projects with dates. If contacted, all references must verify
that a high level of satisfaction was provided. The City of Bangor will determine which,
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