Bid 02-21 Annual Chemical Bid

Agency: City of Portsmouth
State: New Hampshire
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 89 - Subsistence (Food)
Opps ID: NBD12330226627246230
Posted Date: Aug 28, 2020
Due Date: Sep 15, 2020
Source: Members Only
bid/proposal deadline additional instructions pre-bid meeting addenda bid summary
Bid/Proposal: Bid 02-21 Annual Chemical Bid Deadline : September 15, 2020
2:00 p.m.
Additional Instructions: Pre-Bid Meeting: Addenda: Bid Summary:

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City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Bid# 02-21
Annual Chemical Bid
Sealed bid proposals, plainly marked Annual Chemical Bid #02-21 on the outside of the mailing
envelope as well as the sealed bid envelope, addressed to the Finance/Purchasing Department, City Hall,
1 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 03801, will be accepted until 2:00 p.m. Sept. 15, 2020 at
which time all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.
Specifications and bid proposal forms may be obtained from the Finance/Purchasing Department on the third
floor at the above address, or by calling 603-610-7227 or at the City’s website
Any related addenda to this bid, including written answers to questions, will be posted on the City of
Portsmouth website at under the appropriate
project heading. Addenda and updates will NOT be sent directly to vendors. It is recommended that any
vendor submitting a bid, check the web site daily for addenda and updates after the release date. Vendors
should print out, sign and return addenda with their bid proposal. Failure to do so may subject a bidder to
The City of Portsmouth reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive technical or legal deficiencies, to
re-bid, and to accept any bid that it may deem to be in the best interest of the City.
If you have any questions please contact the Finance/Purchasing Department at the following number: 603-
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City of Portsmouth
Annual Chemical Bid
Instruction to Bidders
It is the intent of this proposal to establish one year agreements to supply and deliver chemicals used in the
operation of three municipal swimming pools (two indoor, one outdoor), two potable water treatment plants
and two wastewater treatment plants and the Department of Public Works.
Special Instructions:
Any quantity specified is an estimate only. The City of Portsmouth will purchase just the quantities
necessary, at various times, to perform the intended operation. The purchased quantities may be equal to,
less than, or greater than, the estimate.
Bid prices shall be firm until September 1, 2021. Successful bidders (known as “suppliers”) shall be
expected to perform (i.e. make deliveries) through September 15, 2021 at the bid price. Bid prices shall be
inclusive of all taxes, charges or other fees.
All bid prices shall be FOB delivered to the specific municipal destination. No added freight or handling
charges will be allowed. Minimum orders which are greater than estimated delivery quantities are not
Deposits for cylinders, pallets, or other containers shall be refundable and incidental to the award of bids.
Each chemical will be awarded separately. This proposal does not require any bidder to submit an "all-or-
nothing" bid. The City anticipates awards to multiple suppliers.
Each item bid shall include the chemical analysis and the origin of manufacture. Any variation between
these specifications and bid must be listed separately. Each bidder shall submit a Certificate of
Compliance for each chemical bid.
Samples may be required for testing purposes. No charges for these samples will be allowed. All unused
trial chemicals and their containers must be removed from the test site, at no cost to the City, within 10
working days of the trial.
General Instructions:
Preparation of Bid Proposal
The bidder shall submit her/his proposal upon the form furnished by the City (attached). All
figures shall be in ink or typed. Corrections shall be in ink or typed, and initialed.
The bidder's proposal must be signed with ink by the individual, by one or more members of
the partnership, by one or more members or officers of each firm representing a joint
venture; by one or more officers of a corporation, or by an agent of the contractor legally
qualified and acceptable to the owner. If the proposal is made by an individual, his name
and post office address must be shown. If by a partnership the name and post office
address of each partnership member must be shown. If as a joint venture, the name and
post office address of each must be shown. If by a corporation, the name of the corporation
and its business address must be shown, together with the name of the state in which it is
incorporated, and the names, titles, and business addresses of the President, Secretary,
and Treasurer.
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Instruction to Bidders
2. Disqualification
Bid proposals may be disqualified and rejected for any of the following reasons:
If the proposal is on a form other than that furnished by the City or if the form is altered;
If the proposal contains unauthorized additions, conditions or altered bids;
Evidence of collusion among bidders;
Failure to submit all required information as requested in the specifications;
Product fails to meet specifications/testing/performance certificate;
Disqualification is in the best interest of the City.
3. Delivery of Bid Proposals
When sent by mail, the sealed proposal shall be addressed to the Owner at the address and in the
care of the official in whose office the bids are to be received. All proposals shall be filed prior to
the time and at the place specified in the invitation for bids. Proposals received after the time for
opening of the bids will be returned to the bidder, unopened. Faxed bid proposals are not
4. Withdrawal of Bid Proposals
A bidder will be permitted to withdraw the proposal unopened after it has been deposited if such
request is received in writing prior to the time specified for opening the proposals.
After the bids are opened and read, the lowest, responsible and qualified bidders for each chemical will be
identified. Responsible and qualified bidders are those that have: the ability, capacity, and skill to perform
within the specified time limits; the quality, availability and adaptability of the supplies; the financial
resources to fulfill the contract. Bid results will be available to the public.
Within 30 calendar days after the opening of bids, awards will be made separately for each chemical to the
lowest responsible and qualified bidder whose bid complies with all the requirements prescribed. Bidders
will be notified by mail that the bid has been accepted and that an award has been made.
If the award is contingent upon successful bench testing of the chemical(s), the bidder will be notified by
mail, and shall have 15 days from the date of notification to perform tests. Failure to perform the testing
within 15 days will result in disqualification.
The award shall not be considered official until such time that a Purchase Order, fully executed contract or an
award letter has been issued by the Finance Director. No presumption of award shall be made by the bidder
until such documents are in hand. Verbal notification of award is not considered official. Any action by the
bidder to assume otherwise is done so at his/her own risk and the City will not be held liable for any expense
incurred by a bidder that has not received an official award.
Reservation of Rights:
The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive technicalities and to advertise for new
proposals, if in the judgment of the City, the best interest of the City of Portsmouth will be promoted thereby.
Chemical quantities set forth in this bid proposal are estimates only. The City shall purchase only those
quantities of chemicals actually needed for the facility. All purchases are subject to the appropriation of
funds for that facility/program.
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Instruction to Bidders
Terms of Award:
Those successful bidders (“suppliers”) to whom an award is made shall be required to meet the
performance standards outlined in the bid specifications and as described below.
1. Transportation of chemicals shall be done only in vehicles capable of handling the material in
accordance with State and Federal transportation handling and safety requirements. Supplier shall,
if requested by the City, produce documentation to demonstrate compliance with such
requirements. Vehicles shall be capable of loading and unloading the chemicals as described for
each chemical in the bid specifications. It shall be the contractor’s responsibility to have the proper
fittings to connect to the existing fittings at each delivery site.
2. All drivers shall be licensed for the size and type of vehicle operator.
3. All suppliers shall carry insurance which meets the minimum amounts set forth in the Insurance
Requirements set forth as Exhibit A.
4. Suppliers will indemnify City against all suits, claims, judgments, awards, loss, cost or expense
(including without limitation attorneys’ fees) arising in any way out of the supplier's negligence or
breach of its obligations or warranties under this Contract. Supplier will defend all such actions with
counsel satisfactory to City at its own expense, including attorneys’ fees, and will satisfy any
judgment rendered against City in such action
5. Deliveries shall be made upon order as described in the Bid Specifications.
6. Chemicals shall meet all specifications and perform per City requirements and needs. City may
require jar tests or trial periods to assure that performance of chemicals meet the requirements.
Samples of deliveries shall be obtained from the tank by the driver and provided to City personnel
for testing prior to accepting delivery. City personnel have the right to reject delivery if chemical
analysis identifies deviation from product specifications.
7. All suppliers shall notify the City (Portsmouth Water Treatment Plant – Madbury, Pease Water
Treatment Plant, Newington Booster Station, Municipal Indoor Swimming Pool, Municipal Outdoor
Swimming Pool, Spinnaker Point Adult Recreation Swimming Pool, Wastewater Treatment Plant
Peirce Island, Wastewater Treatment Plant Pease, Public Works Department) with delivery date
and a confirmation including name of driver who will deliver the chemicals. Additionally, all suppliers
are required to notify the City when deliveries will be late and/or when the delivery amount will be a
smaller than the expected delivery amount.
8. All invoices will have a reference number that matches to the delivery slip and shall indicate the
chemical (specifying the percentage in liquid form as described in the bid specifications) and the
unit of measurement shall be in accordance with the bid unit price. Invoices shall be paid no later
than 30 days from the date of the receipt of the invoice.
9. The City reserves the right to deduct up to five percent (5%) from the total invoice for missed but later
delivered, and late deliveries, or to deduct it’s expenses incurred such as overtime, whichever may
be greater, when such failures to perform are not due to extremes in weather or other conditions
that are not reasonably foreseeable or within the control of the supplier. Such late
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Instruction to Bidders
penalty shall not be construed as the sole remedy for the supplier’s failure to perform timely. Failure
to perform may lead to cancellation.
11. All unused trial chemicals and their containers must be removed from the test site, at no cost to the
City, within 10 business days of a current trial or past trials. Failure to remove trial chemicals and
their containers may subject a vendor to disqualification.
12. Bid prices shall be firm until September 1, 2021. Successful bidders (known as “suppliers”) shall
be expected to perform (i.e. make deliveries) through September 15, 2021 at the bid price. Bid
prices shall be inclusive of all taxes, charges or other fees.
The City of Portsmouth reserves the right to negotiate a one year extension of the award beyond the
expiration date for each individual chemical if it is in the best interest of the City.
Cancellation of Award:
The City reserves the right to cancel the award should the supplier fail to perform in accordance with the
terms of this award. If the City cancels the award, the City reserves the right to solicit the chemical from
the next lowest bidder or other available sources as may be necessary to meet needs. Any expense
incurred from this action may be the responsibility of the supplier who did not meet the requirements.
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