CONTRACT: Snow Plowing Service...

Agency: State Government of New Hampshire
State: New Hampshire
Level of Government: State & Local
  • S - Utilities and Training Services
Opps ID: NBD12363926561335451
Posted Date: Sep 14, 2020
Due Date: Sep 28, 2020
Solicitation No: Bid 2359-21
Source: Members Only
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CONTRACT: Snow Plowing Service... Bid 2359-21 Attachment_1
9/28/2020 10:00AM Open Aubert, Ryan PUBLIC WORKS AND RELATED SERVI...

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Date: ___________________
Company Name: ________________________________________
To: Point of Contact: Ryan Aubert
Telephone: (603)-271- 0580
RE: Bid Invitation Name: Snow Plowing Services
Bid Number: 2359-21
Bid Posted Date (on or by): 9/14/2020
Bid Closing Date and Time: September 28th, 2020 @ 10:00 AM (EST)
Dear Ryan Aubert:
[Insert name of signor]_____________________________, on behalf of _____________________________ [insert name of entity submitting bid
(collectively referred to as “Vendor”) hereby submits an offer as contained in the written bid submitted herewith (“Bid”) to the State of New
Hampshire in response to BID # 2359-21 for Snow Plowing Services at the price(s) quoted herein in complete accordance with the bid.
Vendor attests to the fact that:
1. The Vendor has reviewed and agreed to be bound by the Bid.
2. The Vendor has not altered any of the language or other provisions contained in the Bid document.
3. The Bid is effective for a period of 180 days from the Bid Closing date as indicated above.
4. The prices Vendor has quoted in the Bid were established without collusion with other vendors.
5. The Vendor has read and fully understands this Bid.
6. Further, in accordance with RSA 21-I:11-c, the undersigned Vendor certifies that neither the Vendor nor any of its subsidiaries, affiliates or
principal officers (principal officers refers to individuals with management responsibility for the entity or association):
a. Has, within the past 2 years, been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, a violation of RSA 356:2, RSA 356:4, or any state or federal law
or county or municipal ordinance prohibiting specified bidding practices, or involving antitrust violations, which has not been
b. Has been prohibited, either permanently or temporarily, from participating in any public works project pursuant to RSA 638:20;
c. Has previously provided false, deceptive, or fraudulent information on a vendor code number application form, or any other
document submitted to the state of New Hampshire, which information was not corrected as of the time of the filing a bid,
proposal, or quotation;
d. Is currently debarred from performing work on any project of the federal government or the government of any state;
e. Has, within the past 2 years, failed to cure a default on any contract with the federal government or the government of any state;
f. Is presently subject to any order of the department of labor, the department of employment security, or any other state
department, agency, board, or commission, finding that the applicant is not in compliance with the requirements of the laws or
rules that the department, agency, board, or commission is charged with implementing;
g. Is presently subject to any sanction or penalty finally issued by the department of labor, the department of employment security,
or any other state department, agency, board, or commission, which sanction or penalty has not been fully discharged or fulfilled;
h. Is currently serving a sentence or is subject to a continuing or unfulfilled penalty for any crime or violation noted in this section;
i. Has failed or neglected to advise the division of any conviction, plea of guilty, or finding relative to any crime or violation noted in
this section, or of any debarment, within 30 days of such conviction, plea, finding, or debarment; or
j. Has been placed on the debarred parties list described in RSA 21-I:11-c within the past year.
Authorized Signor’s Signature _______________________________ Authorized Signor’s Title ________________________
COUNTY: ___________________________ STATE: ______________
ZIP: _________________
On the _____ day of _______________, 2020, personally appeared before me, the above named ________________________, in his/her
capacity as authorized representative of ________________, known to me or satisfactorily proven, and took oath that the foregoing
is true and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge and belief.
In witness thereof, I hereunto set my hand and official seal.
(Notary Public/Justice of the Peace)
My commission expires: _________________________________________________________ (Date)
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Contractor Initials ________
Date ________
The purpose of this bid invitation is to establish a contract for snow plowing services to the State of New
Hampshire with services indicated in the SCOPE OF SERVICES and OFFER sections of this bid invitation, in
accordance with the requirements of this bid invitation and any resulting contract.
Read the entire bid invitation prior to filling it out. Complete the pricing information in the “Offer” section
(detailed information on how to fill out the pricing information can be found in the “Offer” section); complete
the “Vendor Contact Information” section; and finally, fill out, sign, and notarize page one of the bid invitation.
All bids shall be submitted on this form (or an exact copy), shall be typed or clearly printed in ink, and shall be
received on or before the date and time specified on page 1 of this bid under “Bid Closing”. Interested
parties may submit a bid to the State of New Hampshire Bureau of Purchase and Property by email to
NH.Purchasing@DAS.NH.Gov. All bids shall be clearly marked with bid number, date due and purchasing
agent’s name.
Any questions, clarifications, and/or requested changes shall be submitted by an individual authorized to
commit their organization to the Terms and Conditions of this bid and shall be received in writing at the
Bureau of Purchase and Property no later than 4:00 PM on the date listed in the timeline below. Questions
shall not be submitted to anyone other than the Purchasing Agent or his/her representative. Bidders that
submit questions verbally or in writing to any other State entity or State personnel shall be found in violation of
this part and may be found non-compliant.
Questions shall be submitted by E-mail to Ryan Aubert at the following address:
Submissions shall clearly identify the bid Number, the Vendor’s name and address and the name of the person
submitting the question.
All bid submissions shall be received at the Bureau of Purchase and Property no later than the date and time
shown on the transmittal letter of this bid. Submissions received after the date and time specified shall be
marked as “Late” and shall not be considered in the evaluation process.
All offers shall remain valid for a period of one hundred eighty (180) days from the bid due date. A vendor’s
disclosure or distribution of bids other than to DAS, Bureau of Purchase and Property may be grounds for
In the event it becomes necessary to add to or revise any part of this bid prior to the scheduled submittal date,
the NH Bureau of Purchase and Property shall post on our web site any Addenda. Before your submission and
periodically prior to the RFB closing, Vendors are required to check the site for any addenda or other materials
that may have been issued affecting the bid. The web site address is
The timeline below is provided as a general guideline and is subject to change. Unless stated otherwise,
consider the dates below a “no later than” date.
Bid Solicitation distributed on or by
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Contractor Initials ________
Date ________
Last day for questions, clarifications, and/or requested changes to bid
10:00 AM (EST) Bid Closing
All material received in response to this bid shall become the property of the State and shall not be returned to
the Vendor. Regardless of the Vendors selected, the State reserves the right to use any information presented in
a bid response. The content of each Vendor’s bid shall become public information once a contract(s) has
been awarded.
A responding bid that has been completed and signed by your representative shall constitute your company’s
acceptance of all State of New Hampshire terms and conditions and shall legally obligate your company to
these terms and conditions.
A signed response further signifies that from the time the bid is published (bid solicitation date and time) until a
contract is awarded, no bidder shall offer or give, directly or indirectly, any gift, expense reimbursement, or
honorarium, as defined by RSA 15-B, to any elected official, public official, public employee, constitutional
official, or family member of any such official or employee who shall select, evaluate, or award the RFB.
Furthermore, a signed response signifies that any terms and/or conditions that may be or have been submitted
by the Vendor are specifically null and void and are not a part of this bid invitation or any awarded purchase
order, even if said terms and/or conditions contain language to the contrary.
The form P-37 Contract attached hereto shall be part of this bid and the basis for the contract(s). The successful
Vendor and the State, following notification, shall promptly execute this contract form, which is to be
completed by incorporating the service requirements and price conditions established by the vendor’s offer.
Complete bids shall be filled out on the original documents and format that are a part of this bid invitation.
Vendors may submit additional paperwork with pricing, but all pricing shall be on the documents provided with
this bid invitation and in the State’s format.
The term of the contract shall commence October 1, 2020 or upon execution by the Commissioner of the
Department of Administrative Services, whichever is later (the “effective date”) and shall continue thereafter
through July 31, 2021, a period of approximately one (1) year.
The contract may be extended for an additional one (1) one-year extension thereafter under the same terms,
conditions and pricing structure upon the mutual agreement between the successful Vendor and the State with the
approval of the Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services. The maximum term of the contract
(including extensions) shall not exceed five (5) years.
The award shall be made to the Vendor meeting the criteria established in this RFB and providing the lowest cost
in total by location. This decision shall be made during the award process. The State reserves the right to reject
any or all bids or any part thereof and add/delete items/locations to the contract. All award(s) shall be, in the
form of a State of New Hampshire Contract.
Successful Vendor shall not be allowed to require any other type of order, nor shall the successful Vendor be
allowed to require the filling out or signing of any other document by State of New Hampshire personnel.
Bid results shall not be given by telephone. For Vendors wishing to attend the bid closing, the names of the
vendors submitting responses and pricing shall be made public. Other specific response information shall not be
given out. Bid results shall be made public after final approval of the contract(s).
Bid results may also be viewed on our website at
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Contractor Initials ________
Date ________
For Vendors wishing to attend the bid closing: Names of the Vendors submitting responses and pricing shall be
made public.
The State shall not be held liable for any costs incurred by Vendors in the preparation of bids or for work
performed prior to contract issuance.
Generally, the full contents of any bid or proposal (including all materials submitted in connection with it, such as
attachments, exhibits, addenda, and vendor presentations) become public information upon completion of final
contract or purchase order negotiations with the selected vendor. Certain information concerning bids or
proposals, including but not limited to pricing or scoring, is generally available to the public even before this time, in
accordance with the provisions of NH RSA 21-G: 37.
To the extent consistent with applicable state and federal laws and regulations, as determined by the State,
including, but not limited to, NH RSA Chapter 91-A (the “Right-to-Know” Law), the State shall, after final negotiations
with the selected vendor are complete, attempt to maintain the confidentiality of portions of a bid or proposal that
are clearly and properly marked by a bidder as confidential. Any and all information contained in or connected to
a bid or proposal that a bidder considers confidential shall be clearly designated in the following manner:
If the bidder considers any portion of a submission confidential, they shall provide a separate copy of the full and
complete document, fully redacting those portions by blacking them out and shall note on the applicable page or
pages of the document that the redacted portion or portions are “confidential.” Use of any other term or method,
such as stating that a document or portion thereof is “proprietary”, “not for public use”, or “for client’s use only”, is
not acceptable. In addition to providing an additional fully redacted copy of the bid submission to the person listed
as the point of contact on Page one (1) of this document, the identified information considered to be confidential
must be accompanied by a separate letter stating the rationale for each item designated as confidential. In other
words, the letter must specifically state why and under what legal authority each redaction has been made.
Submissions which do not conform to these instructions by failing to include a redacted copy (if required), by failing
to include a letter specifying the rationale for each redaction, by failing to designate redactions in the manner
required by these instructions, or by including redactions which are contrary to these instructions or operative law
may be rejected by the State as not conforming to the requirements of the bid or proposal. The State will generally
assume that a bid or proposal submitted without an additional redacted copy contains no information which the
bidder deems confidential. Bids and proposals which contain no redactions, as well as redacted versions of
submissions that have been accepted by the State, may be released to the public, including by means of posting
on State web sites.
The State shall have no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of any portion of a bid, proposal or related
material, which is not marked in accordance with the foregoing provisions. It is specifically understood and agreed
that the bidder waives any claim of confidentiality as to any portion of a response to this RFB or RFP that is not
marked as indicated above, and that unmarked (or improperly marked) submissions may be disseminated to any
person, without limitation. Marking an entire bid, proposal, attachment or full sections thereof confidential without
taking into consideration the public’s right to know shall neither be accepted nor honored by the State.
Notwithstanding any provision of this request for submission to the contrary, proposed pricing shall be subject to
public disclosure REGARDLESS of whether or not marked as confidential.
If a request is made to the State by any person or entity to view or receive copies of any portion of a proposal and
if disclosure is not prohibited under NH RSA 21-G:37 or any other applicable law or regulation, bidders acknowledge
and agree that the State may disclose any and all portions of the proposal or related materials which is not marked
as confidential. In the case of bids, proposals or related materials that contain portions marked confidential, the
State shall assess what information it believes is subject to release; notify the bidder that the request has been
made; indicate what, if any, portions of the proposal or related material shall not be released; and notify the bidder
of the date it plans to release the materials. The State is not obligated to comply with a bidder’s designation
regarding confidentiality. The State shall have no obligation to advise a bidder that an individual or entity is
attempting to electronically access, or has been referred to, materials which have been made publicly available
on the State’s web sites.
Page 4 of 15
Contractor Initials ________
Date ________
By submitting a bid or proposal, the bidder agrees that unless it obtains and provides to the State, prior to the date
specified in the notice described in the paragraph above, a court order valid and enforceable in the State of New
Hampshire, at its sole expense, enjoining the release of the requested information, the State may release the
information on the date specified in the notice without any liability to the bidder.
Notwithstanding NH RSA 91-A:4, no information shall be available to the public, or to the members of the general
court or its staff concerning specific responses to this bid invitation from the time this bid is published until the closing
date for responses.
The State of New Hampshire shall have the right to terminate the contract at any time with written notice to the
successful Vendor a thirty (30) day written notice.
All Vendors shall be duly registered with the NH Bureau of Purchase and Property as State of New Hampshire
vendors. All Vendors that are corporations, limited liability companies, or other limited liability business entities
(this excludes sole proprietors and general partnerships) shall be duly registered with the New Hampshire
Secretary of State to conduct business in the State of New Hampshire.
STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE VENDOR APPLICATION: To be eligible for a contract award, a Vendor must
have a completed Vendor Application Package on file with the NH Bureau of Purchase and
Property. See the following website for information on obtaining and filing the required forms (no fee:
NEW HAMPSHIRE SECRETARY OF STATE REGISTRATION: To be eligible for a contract award, a Vendor
that is a corporation, limited liability company, or other limited liability business entity (this excludes sole
proprietors and general partnerships) must be registered to conduct business in the State of New
Hampshire AND in good standing with the NH Secretary of State. Please visit the following website to
find out more about the requirements for registration with the NH Secretary of State:
CONFIDENTIALITY & CRIMINAL RECORD: If Applicable, any employee or approved subcontractor of the
Vendor who will be accessing or working with records of the State of New Hampshire shall be required
to sign a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Release of Criminal Record Authorization
Form. These forms shall be returned to the designated State agency prior to commencing any work.
Prior to being awarded a contract the Vendor shall be required to submit proof of comprehensive
general liability insurance coverage prior to performing any services for the State. The coverage shall
insure against all claims of bodily injury, death or property damage in amounts of not less than
$1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate. Coverage shall also include State of New
Hampshire workers’ compensation insurance to the extent required by RSA Chapter 281-A.
Bid prices shall remain firm for the entire contract period and shall be in US dollars and shall include delivery and
all other costs required by this bid invitation. Special charges, surcharges (including credit card transaction
fees), or fuel charges of any kind (by whatever name) may not be added on at any time. Any and all charges
shall be built into your bid price at the time of the bid. Unless otherwise specified, prices shall be F.O.B.
DESTINATION, (included in the price bid), which means delivered to a state agency's receiving dock or other
designated point as specified in this contract or subsequent purchase orders without additional charge.
Shipments shall be made in order to arrive at the destination at a satisfactory time for unloading during receiving
Per Administrative Rule 606.01(e) “if there is a discrepancy between the unit price and the extension price in a
response to an RFP, RFB or RFQ, the unit price shall be binding upon the vendor”.
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Contractor Initials ________
Date ________
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