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Posted Date: Jul 28, 2020
Due Date: Aug 6, 2020
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MONTPELIER HEAT PLANT STEAM WATER TREATEMENT 07/24/2020 04:30PM addendum 1 Montpelier heat plant steam water treatment (07/28/2020) 08/06/2020 04:30PM

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Agency of Administration
Buildings and General Services
109 State Street
Montpelier VT 05609-3001
Montpelier Heat Plant
Steam Water Treatment
July 13, 2020
No Bidders Conference
July 24, 2020 at 4:30 PM
August 6, 2020 at 4:30 PM
James Meyers, Senior State Purchasing Agent
(802) 828-2215
(802) 828-2222
1.1. SCOPE AND BACKGROUND: Through this Request for Proposal (RFP) the Office of Purchasing and
Contracting on behalf of the Department of Buildings and General Services (hereinafter the “State”) is
seeking to establish contracts with one or more companies that can provide Montpelier Heat Plant Steam
Water Treatment.
1.2. CONTRACT PERIOD: Contracts arising from this RFP will be for a period of 24 Month with an option to
renew for up to two additional twelve-month periods. The State anticipates the start date will be 9/1/2020.
1.3. SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT: All communications concerning this RFP are to be addressed in writing
to the State Contact listed on the front page of this RFP. Actual or attempted contact with any other
individual from the State concerning this RFP is strictly prohibited and may result in disqualification.
1.4. BIDDERS’ CONFERENCE: No bidders conference will be held for this RFP.
1.5. QUESTION AND ANSWER PERIOD: Any vendor requiring clarification of any section of this RFP or
wishing to comment on any requirement of the RFP must submit specific questions in writing no later than
the deadline for question indicated on the first page of this RFP. Questions may be e-mailed to the point
of contact on the front page of this RFP. Questions or comments not raised in writing on or before the last
day of the question period are thereafter waived. At the close of the question period a copy of all
questions or comments and the State's responses will be posted on the State’s web site . Every effort will be made to post this information as soon as
possible after the question period ends, contingent on the number and complexity of the questions.
1.6. CHANGES TO THIS RFP: Any modifications to this RFP will be made in writing by the State through the
issuance of an Addendum to this RFP and posted online at .
Verbal instructions or written instructions from any other source are not to be considered.
1.7.1. COMPANY EXPERIENCE: Proposals shall be accepted only from Contractors primarily
engaged in water treatment industry for a minimum of ten (10) years.
1.7.2. SUPERVISING SERVICE ENGINEER: A dedicated service engineer shall be appointed. The
supervising service engineer shall have at least one of the following: A Bachelor of Science degree in engineering or chemistry with a minimum of 5 years of
verifiable experience in HVAC water treatment for Government and/or private industry
customers. A minimum of 10 years of verifiable experience in HVAC water treatment for
Government and/or private industry customers.
1.7.3. The assigned SITE SERVICE ENGINEER shall reside within 150 miles of the building to ensure
rapid response to system upsets, and have at least one of the following: A Bachelor of Science degree in engineering or chemistry with a minimum of 5 years of
verifiable experience in HVAC water treatment for Government and/or private industry
customers. A minimum of 10 years of verifiable experience in HVAC water treatment for
Government and/or private industry customers.
1.7.4. The assigned Site Service Technician must also be certified by the Vermont Department of
Agriculture for handling and use of water treatment chemicals.
1.7.5. Personal resumes of the Supervising Service Engineer and Site Service Engineer shall be
provided with the bid submission. Personal references, when requested shall be furnished within
two (2) working days.
2. DETAILED REQUIREMENTS/DESIRED OUTCOMES: The State of Vermont is interested in obtaining bids to
meet the following business need(s): Water Treatment services.
2.1. Technical Requirements:
Revised April 17, 2020
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This project requires a water treatment program, and the minimum required service to be
provided by a water treatment consultant on an annual basis. The facility requires specialized
expertise and chemical products from a recognized water treatment consulting organization, this
contract is performance based and only spells out the minimum treatments expected, the
contractor shall provide all treatments required to maintain the boiler systems at industry
standards. The treatment applications include separate steam boiler feed water treatments,
internal boiler water treatments, and steam and condensate distribution treatments.
2.1.2. It is the intent to provide for a complete program of water treatment which will provide complete
protection against scale and sludge formation, pitting and general corrosion and microbiological
The State of Vermont demands that the water treatment consultant furnishes effective products,
quality service, and good communications, all designed to meet the performance expectation
jointly agreed upon. The program shall be developed and maintained based on the following
directives: Thorough system analysis and execution of an appropriate water treatment program Continuous review of system results Implementing improvements as required Complete and accurate communication among field operators and management
personnel is required.
The State of Vermont believes that water treatment is a performance-oriented service. The
impact of a properly optimized program on our reliability and economics of operation has
significance beyond the cost of the service. For this reason, specific requirements for suppliers’
qualifications, capabilities, chemicals, equipment, technical support and representative have
been established and will be detailed in this specification.
2.2. Technical Support Requirements:
2.2.1. LABORATORY: Contractor must have the capability to perform resin evaluation, deposit
analysis, evaluation of corrosion coupons, and biological analysis. Contractor is to submit a list
of laboratory capabilities.
DELIVERY SYSTEM: The Contractor shall provide a hand off drum-free chemical delivery
system to reduce and eliminate State of Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services
handling of water treatment chemicals and drums. The Contractor is responsible for delivery of
all chemicals to the storage tanks. The delivery vehicle shall provide an integral spill containment
system capable of containing 110% of the largest chemical container used for delivery. Delivery
personnel shall be permanent, full time employees of the water treatment supplier.
NOTE: Delivery to this facility requires transporting chemical treatments inside the occupied
building before material may be pumped into Owner supplied storage tanks. Transporting
containers up or down multiple flights of stairs is required. Maintenance of in plant water
treatment storage tanks and accessories shall be the responsibility of the successful Contractor.
DISCHARGE REQUIREMENTS: Effluent from the Water Treatment Program shall be suitable
for direct sewer discharge and meet the requirements of all applicable local, state and national
water quality standards. All chemicals used on site must comply with all the applicable codes
and laws governing their use.
2.2.4. SERVICE: Contractor shall provide the following services two times a month: Sampling of the condensate system locally and at up to 3 random remote points
(buildings), neutralizing amine product must be adjusted to maintain a pH of 7.5-8.5,
with a target of 8.3. Shall be available for all large equipment inspections (boilers, main feed pump,
deaerator, economizer) Shall keep the oxygen scavenger levels between 6 to 9 ppm in the feed water to
protect the economizer.
Revised April 17, 2020
Page 3 of 19 Shall check the water softener for hardness. Shall perform inventory control and report the inventory, chemical usage and estimate
days of chemical inventory on hand to the plant supervisor.
2.2.5. TRAINING: Contractor shall provide a comprehensive water treatment training program for both
management and operators. The use of video training in chemical safety is required. An
example of the proposed training program should be submitted with proposal.
2.2.6. OLD CHEMICALS: All existing water treatment products should be used prior to commencement
of Contractor’s water treatment program.
2.2.7. CHEMICAL STORAGE: All storage tanks must be double contained with 110% capacity for spill
2.2.8. MSDS: MSDS for every proposed product must be submitted with the bid response. For all
micro biocides proposed for use at State facilities, a copy of the product (drum) label must be
submitted with the bid response. Failure to do so will result in bid disqualification.
2.3. Emergency Service Support Requirements:
2.3.1. The water treatment supplier shall respond to an emergency request made by the State of
Vermont within 24 hours of initial call from the State of Vermont.
2.3.2. The water treatment supplier must provide a 24-hour, 365-day emergency response line to
handle all environmental health and safety emergencies related to their chemical water treatment
2.4. Laboratory Facility Requirements:
2.4.1. Contractor shall maintain an in-house laboratory facility for complete analysis of water and
deposits. Each bidder shall list the name and reason for any outside laboratory which may be
required to support the water treatment at various state buildings.
The laboratory must be available to assist in the solution of problems, which may arise.
Laboratory services are to be included within the chemical treatment program cost. Quarterly
laboratory analysis of makeup, boiler water, feed water, condensate and chilled water shall be
provided as a minimum. All system deposits shall be analyzed for elemental composition.
2.4.3. The laboratory shall be equipped to analyze water in accordance with the latest edition of
“Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Waste Water”, and the US Environmental
Protection Agency. Reference:
2.4.4. The laboratory shall have the ability to perform all chemical and biological water analysis, fuel oil
analysis, resin analysis, deposit and metallurgical analyses.
2.4.5. The laboratory shall be under the supervision of a chemical engineer or similar discipline.
2.4.6. Provide a list of technical support capabilities and an in depth description of your in-house
2.5. Manufacturing Facility Requirements:
2.5.1. Contractor shall maintain a complete ISO-9001 or ISO-9002 registered manufacturing facility and
stocking warehouse, preferably within 500 miles of Montpelier, Vermont.
2.6. Delivery and Storage of Water Treatment Chemicals:
The Contractor must provide a drum-free method of chemical delivery in lieu of drums and pails
to minimize drum handling and disposal problems. The Contractor shall provide descriptive
literature on their proposed delivery system. The deliveries of chemical treatments must be
made by two (2) Contractor employed and trained delivery specialists. The delivery vehicle(s)
must provide an integral spill containment system designed to contain a volume equal to 110% of
the largest delivery container utilized within the truck.
2.6.2. The Contractor shall provide chemicals normally within ten days from the time of order. In the
event of an emergency chemicals shall be provided within 48 hours.
Revised April 17, 2020
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NOTE: The Contractor is responsible for maintaining and/or replacing all chemical tanks for the
length of this contract.
2.6.3. Any chemicals leftover at the end of the contract will be removed by the contractor at their
2.6.4. Contractor to provide a written safety equipment recommendation for equipment to be worn by
BGS staff while handling chemicals and treating systems.
2.7. Safety and Handling Procedures:
2.7.1. The Contractor shall provide handling instructions for each proposed chemical, including OSHA
Material Safety Data Sheets. These must be submitted with the proposal.
2.7.2. The Contractor shall furnish EPS registration numbers for biocides as designated on product
labels. Submit with bid a copy of product label for each biocide proposed.
2.7.3. The Contractor will notify the designated State representatives and comply with any changes in
any product safety, handling, and application regulations, which occur during the life of this
2.8. Pollution Standards:
2.8.1. All chemicals recommended must meet pollution standards as required by the State of Vermont.
Blow down water must meet operating permit conditions. Re
2.9. Pump Equipment Requirements:
2.9.1. This contractor shall be responsible for providing the maintenance of all necessary pump
equipment and controllers for the delivery of chemicals from the chemical storage tanks to the
2.10. Startup Services:
2.10.1. During startup, training seminars will be held for operating personnel in basic water chemistry
relevant to the use, application, and control of all chemicals used. The seminars will cover: Basic water chemistry Purpose of each product, handling and feeding information and testing procedures. Equipment lay-up procedures chemical adjustments Handling of operation upsets Statistical Process Control and Data Management Software
2.10.2. As part of these seminars, a complete water treatment manual with all pertinent product, testing,
safety, feeding, and control information will be provided to each operating and management
personnel involved. To insure smooth, effective initiation of the recommended program(s),
service personnel will be present for as long as necessary to: Assure that chemicals are properly handled and fed. Train personnel in running
required control tests. Instruct personnel in the proper application of chemicals and
implementation and control of the program(s). Assure that all chemical treatment programs are functioning properly and control limits
are established and maintained at a steady rate. Provide an operating manual that tells the state personnel, in Layman terms, what to
do when test results move beyond normal.
2.11. Operator Training Requirements:
2.11.1. It is the responsibility of the water treatment Contractor to provide training to familiarize plant
personnel with the purpose of the products and to instruct them in the control, testing and
adjustment procedures.
Revised April 17, 2020
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