Qualifications W&T Lot Electrical and Parking Restoration

Agency: University of Connecticut
State: Connecticut
Level of Government: State & Local
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Opps ID: NBD14996505915780286
Posted Date: Feb 6, 2019
Due Date: Feb 28, 2019
Solicitation No: FO500030
Source: Members Only
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RFQ ? Request For Qualifications W&T Lot Electrical and Parking Restoration
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N/A 2/19/2019 2:00p.m. 2/28/2019 2:00p.m.
Cesar Alonzo (860) 486-0012

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Project Number: FO500030
Project Name: W&T Lot Electrical and Parking Restoration Project
Procurement Agent:
Cesar E Alonzo
Sr. Procurement Specialist
Bids for this solicitation (event) can be submitted through the HuskyBuy Portal:
Critical Dates:
Bid Due Date and Time
Q&A (RFI) Due Date and Time
DAS Classification:
Only contractors prequalified by both the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) in the
specified classification for this project (GENERAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, GROUP B
AND/OR GROUP C) as of the due date of the Application, and the University, through this
Prequalification Application, shall be permitted to bid on this project.
Project Description:
The project consists of renovation of electrical lighting and pavement and sidewalks in parking
lots W&T. Scope of work is further described below.
Scope of Work:
The scope of the project is to provide site and electrical improvements as described below:
Removal and replacement of existing light pole bases, poles and fixtures with new light
pole bases, poles and LED light fixtures.
Install new electrical circuits for the existing bus stop enclosure as well as for the marching
band practice facility.
Site improvements include providing sediment and erosion control measures and tree
protection measures, removing selected bituminous and concrete curbing and concrete
Prequalification – Tech Quad Phase III ‐ Innovation Partnership Building Project #901661
Page 1
sidewalks, conducting full depth reclamation of existing pavement and road base for roads
and parking areas and compaction of reclaimed material for road sub-base.
Removal and replacement of select catch basin frames and grates, installation of new
catch basins and storm drainage piping, installation of new pre-cast concrete curbing,
construction of new concrete sidewalks and handicapped ramps, installation of new
process aggregate base material for pavement base and to adjust site to proposed final
Placement of two layers of HMA S0.5 bituminous concrete pavement, construction of
painted striping and symbols as shown.
Loaming and seeding of all disturbed non-paved areas, and related construction..
Project Schedule/Duration:
The construction is planned to start: 05/13/2019.
Construction duration: 3 months.
Financial Ability:
The Contractor must demonstrate the financial ability and bonding capacity to complete a
construction project with a minimum value of at least $2,420,000.
Project Staffing:
The Contractor must demonstrate the ability to staff the project with high quality, experienced
personnel. A full time, dedicated Project Superintendent and Project Manager, is mandatory and
the contractor must demonstrate adequate levels of staffing to oversee the project through
completion. The firm must demonstrate the individual staff members’ experience on past relevant
projects performing work of a similar scope and nature to this project and in a comparable position
as assigned on this project.
Project Relevant Experience:
A minimum of three (3) examples must be submitted that are in progress (at least 75% complete)
or completed within the past five (5) years. For a project to be considered, the value of that project
must have a minimum value of $1,815,000. A detailed description of the work performed and
how it relates to the scope of work outlined in the Prequalification Application shall be included.
Threshold Building Project:
This project is not a “Threshold Building” project.
All contractors and major subcontractors must possess, at the time the Application is submitted,
a valid license, registration or certification issued by the Department of Consumer Protection in
accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 20-341gg if a project(s) is for a “Threshold
Building” as defined in Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 29-276b. (Pursuant to C.G.S. §29-
276b, the term “threshold limit” shall apply to any structure or addition thereto (1) having four
stories, (2) sixty feet in height, (3) with a clear span of one hundred fifty feet in width, (4) containing
one hundred fifty thousand square feet of total gross floor area, or (5) with an occupancy of one
thousand persons. If a joint venture, all joint venture partners shall be licensed, registered or
Prequalification – Tech Quad Phase III ‐ Innovation Partnership Building Project #901661
Page 2
Note: If project is not a “Threshold Building”, Question 11.1.8 under Tab 11 Licenses and Misc.
Documents, is not applicable.
Supplier Diversity Requirements:
If prequalified, a bidding requirement prerequisite will be that the awarded Contractor must self-
perform a minimum of ten percent (10%) of their submitted bid amount. Also, in the bidding of
most deferred maintenance, major renovation, and new construction projects, contractors are
advised that they must award thirty percent (30%) or more of the value of their awarded contract
to certified SBE’s and, of that amount, one-third (10% of the total award) or more must be awarded
to SBE’s who are also MBE’s. The contractors are responsible for ensuring that they and the
SBE’s they have elected are eligible contractors, and that they meet state requirements.
Prequalification – Tech Quad Phase III ‐ Innovation Partnership Building Project #901661
Page 3
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