Low-Vision Aids and Related Equipment and Services

Agency: Greenville County School District
State: Michigan
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 65 - Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Equipment and Supplies
  • J - Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding of Equipment
Opps ID: NBD16707070823950416
Posted Date: Jul 28, 2021
Due Date: Aug 18, 2021
Solicitation No: 121-65
Source: Members Only
Solicitation # Description Addendum Closing Date Closing Time
121-65.pdf Low-Vision Aids and Related Equipment and Services 8/18/2021 11:00 A.M. EDT

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Procurement Department
2 Space Drive • Taylors, SC 29687-6072 • (864) 355-1279 •
The School District of Greenville County
July 28, 2021
Invitation for Bid (IFB)
Low-Vision Aids and Related Equipment and Services
IFB No.: 121-65-8-18
Bid Due: August 18, 2021, at 11:00 A.M. EDT
The School District of Greenville County (SDGC) invites interested and responsible Contractors
to submit SEALED BIDS to provide the District with a percentage discount taken from the
bidder’s standard pricing in accordance with the requirements of this solicitation and scope of
work. An agreement may be established with each responsible bidder whose sealed bid is
determined to be responsive and advantageous to The School District of Greenville County.
In broad terms, the ensuring contract for Low-Vision Aids and Related Equipment and Services
will support and supply the District Special Education program and its students.
Definition of Terms
The terms, “vendor”, “contractor”, “prime contractor”, “firm”, “offeror”, “proposer”,
“responder”, “supplier” or “bidder” may be used interchangeably and refers to the entity offering
a proposal. These terms are defined as including a legal business association of one (1) or more
persons existing at the time of the proposal submission. The term "Agreement" means any
transaction or contractual arrangement contemplated or created as a result of, arising out of, or
relating to the solicitation and subsequent award. The terms, “The School District of Greenville
County”, “Greenville County Schools”, “Customer”, “Owner”, “District”, “SDGC”, “GCSD”,
“GCS”, “Board of Trustees” and “Board” may be used interchangeably and refers to the entity
issuing the solicitation, receiving and reviewing the proposals and issuing an award. The term
“Day” or “Days” refers to calendar days, unless noted otherwise.
Solicitation Schedule Recap
Inquiry Deadline:
August 9, 2021, at 11:00 A.M. EDT
Public Opening and Bid Due Date/Time:
August 18, 2021, at 11:00 A.M. EDT
Program Specifications
This percentage discount program is to be completed in accordance with all terms, conditions,
and specifications contained or referenced in this solicitation. For a complete detailed
description of the program, the Bid Form and Program Specifications should be consulted. The
Program Specifications were developed and approved by the SDGC Special Education
Throughout the duration of this contract, contract specifications, terms, and conditions shall not
be modified in any manner without the express written permission of a District Procurement
Program Documents
The Program Specifications are incorporated in this IFB as an enclosure. Note that the
solicitation, its enclosures, and any future addendum may be posted and available for download
from the SDGC Procurement Department website:
Note that all program documents are incorporated into this solicitation by reference.
District Schedule
For information on the District calendar, interested parties may refer to the District website
Pre-Bid Conference
For this solicitation, the District will not conduct a Pre-Bid Conference.
All inquiries/comments shall be submitted in writing to Patricia Phillips, Senior Buyer, 2 Space
Drive, Taylors, South Carolina 29687 no later than August 9, 2021, at 11:00 A.M. EDT. Firms
may email questions to both pphillip@greenville.k12.sc.us and tstroud@greenville.k12.sc.us.
Verbal inquiries and comments will not be addressed at any time. Bidders shall not contact any
other District employees or representatives in any way other than the method described herein.
After the Inquiry Deadline, prospective bidders will be notified by an addendum of any changes,
additional information or clarifications to the solicitation, approved products lists, project design
and/or specifications, or other information. Questions and comments received after the Inquiry
Deadline will not be addressed. Questions and comments related to an addendum shall not be
addressed after the Inquiry Deadline.
Important Note: Inquiries or contacts made to District employees outside of the District
Procurement Department may cause the associated firm’s bid to be deemed nonresponsive.
The District and its representatives will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the
specifications or the bidder’s response nor for the failure on the part of the bidder to determine
the full extent of the solicitation requirements and exposures.
Contract Term
The contract award(s) from this solicitation will be for one (1) base year with the option to renew
each year for each of four (4) additional one-year periods if agreed to by the successful bidder(s)
and the District. The term of the initial contract will be from the date of award plus any
applicable waiting period, through September 10, 2022. The program may be in effect for a
total of five (5) years.
Should the District and successful bidder(s) elect to renew the agreement, the bidder must inform
the Procurement Department of any changes in the discount rate or the material(s) costs. The
bidder(s) must inform the Procurement Department in writing of any applicable changes that
may affect the process. The District reserves the right to terminate any renewal upon notice
when in the best interest of the District.
The District will issue Purchase Orders for District projects as required. The District will not
guarantee nor estimate quantities of equipment or projects which may be ordered. Any bid
which requires a minimum billing per project will not be considered.
The District will place Purchase Orders for the required Services and Goods to be delivered to
the District location and address noted on the Purchase Order.
Bidder Responsibility
Each bidder may be required to submit three (3) professional references prior to an award for
verification as to the quality of work. The District reserves the right to contact any or all
professional references and discuss the bidder’s past and present performance. The District
reserves the right to utilize all data collected from professional references and project or business
location site visits to evaluate the contractor’s responsibility or capability.
Bid Evaluation Information
Bids will be reviewed for the purpose of determining responsiveness and responsibility. Any bid
that does not meet the salient requirements of the solicitation will be deemed nonresponsive.
The submission of a bid does not necessarily qualify the bidder as responsible, nor does the
submission of a bid qualify the bid as responsive.
Failure to provide specific information as requested for use in an evaluation may cause the bid to
be disregarded.
Each bid will be evaluated and compared to other bid responses. The bid responses will be
evaluated based on the factors as detailed in this solicitation.
The District may request written or oral clarifications of any offer received. However, the
District may, at its sole discretion, refuse to accept in full or partially, the response or
clarification given by any bidder. Bidders are cautioned that the evaluators are not required to
request a clarification of the bid; therefore, all offers should be complete and reflect the most
favorable terms to the District. The District reserves the right to reject any and all offers when
such rejection is deemed to be in the best interest of the District.
It is understood and agreed that the bid is for the products and possible services specified or for
District-approved equal(s). Note that only a single product is indicated in the enclosed
Program Specifications. Under this contract, the District may purchase this specified
product and/or a variety of Low-Vision Aids and Equipment. If quantities were stated, they
would represent the best estimate of current requirements. The District does not guarantee that
the District will buy any specified products, services, project(s) or total amount. It must be
understood and agreed that the District may purchase at the percentage discount(s) indicated on
the Bid Form, if adequate funding is available.
The District reserves the right to determine the acceptability of any proposed product or brand.
The District reserves the right to reject any offering in which the item(s) are considered
unsatisfactory in any manner.
Bidders shall furnish any information the bidder deems important for District review. The
District is not required to accept any submitted, non-pertinent documentation. When applicable,
the bidder shall provide other information for any product line that is bid. Pertinent information
shall be provided with the bid so that the District may evaluate the bid properly.
An award may be made to one or more responsible bidder(s) offering percentage discount(s) on
the Bid Form and whose bid is responsive, that best meets the requirements and evaluation
factors of the IFB. The District may conduct discussions with responsible firms that submit bids
for the purpose of clarification to assure a full understanding of the requirements of the IFB and
the clarification of any bid.
During the contract term, vendors may be added to the approved list if they agree to
adhere to the terms of the solicitation.
Any award shall encompass all the requirements of this solicitation.
This program is on a critical timeline, and a contractor’s ability to perform the scope of work
within the specified period(s) of time will be examined and is one of the evaluation factors.
The award statement will be posted in the Procurement Department, 2 Space Drive, Taylors,
South Carolina. The public may review this statement during regular office hours. Interested
parties may call the Procurement Department at (864) 355-1279 to determine if an award has
been posted. It is the responsibility of the Bidder to physically confirm such posting. Bidders
may have the right to protest this solicitation or its subsequent award in accordance with Article
XIV of the District’s Procurement Code. Should a protest period end on a day that the District is
closed, the protestor may file by 5:00 P.M. EST/EDT the following full day that the District is
open for business.
Proof of Insurance is not required for this solicitation.
Bid Security
The District does not require Bid Security for this solicitation.
Performance and Payment Bonds
The District does not require Performance and Labor and Material Payment Bonds for this
Licensing (When Applicable)
The Prime Contractor and any Subcontractors shall be licensed in full accordance with the
provisions of Section 40-11-10 through 40-11-340 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976,
as amended.
Bid Form
Enclosed is the official Bid Form to be used in submitting a bid. Only this Bid Form is to be
used; no other Bid Form is acceptable. Indicate the bidding firm’s name on each page of the Bid
Form and have each page signed and dated by a person authorized to do so. Bidders must
complete the Bid Form or insert the letters “N/A” if the bidder chooses not to submit a
percentage discount(s). Failure to complete the form may cause the bidder to be determined non-
responsive. The Bid Form shall be completed by the bidder in order to be considered for an
The District requires a minimum discount of five percent (5%); however, each bidder
may state the discount (or various discounts) offered for different categories of items.
The Bid Form should contain percentage discount(s), not prices or pricing. On the
Bid Form, a bidder may submit percentage discounts ranges. Exactly what
discounts each firm offers is an internal decision that rests with that bidder.
Bid responses that state a zero percentage (0%) discount or a discount of less than
five percent (5%) will not be considered and shall be disregarded.
The District reserves the right to negotiate with all responsible bidders and to cancel in part or in
entirety, this solicitation if it is in the best interest of the District. This solicitation does not
commit the District to negotiate, hold discussion, award a contract, pay any costs incurred in the
preparation of the response to this solicitation, or to procure any goods or services. Do not
change the Bid Form or insert a different unit of measure or unit of pricing.
The percentage discount bid shall include all materials, labor, equipment, tools, and consumables
necessary to provide and delivery the projects/products and related services.
NOTE: Bidders that alter the Bid Form are qualifying the bid response and are subject to
disqualification. A cover letter on the bidder’s corporate stationery should include any
information the bidder determines to be important to the evaluation of the bid.
After bids are recorded and the Intent to Award is issued, no additional costs will be considered.
Hidden or undisclosed costs will not be accepted.
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