CSN Laptop Purchase

Agency: City of Carson City
State: Nevada
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 70 - General Purpose Information Technology Equipment (including software).
Opps ID: NBD17479645831197688
Posted Date: Jul 30, 2020
Due Date: Aug 6, 2020
Solicitation No: IFB
Source: Members Only
Bid Number Bid Title Bid Type Bid Issue Date Bid Close Date/Time
IFB 21-0751 CSN Laptop Purchase BID College of Southern Nevada 7/30/2020 8/6/2020 03:00:00 PM (PT)

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Bids are subject to the terms, conditions and specifications herein stipulated and/or attached hereto, will be
publicly opened on August 6, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time. All bids must be received on or before this
date and time to be considered. Bids must be submitted through the NGEM, Nevada Gov e Marketplace
Please submit any questions or requests for additional information through the NGEM question tab.
Responses to inquiries will be through the NGEM system. If you have any questions regarding the use of the
NGEM system, contact me at the number or email listed below.
Brandy Candelaria
Contracts Administrator
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CSN invites you to submit a Bid on the material and/or services specified within this IFB. Please read carefully all
instructions, general terms and conditions, purchase order terms and conditions, scope of work and/or
specifications, pricing response form, Bid response form, sample insurance if applicable, and Minimum Contract
Terms, if applicable. Failure to comply with the instructions, terms and conditions, scope of work and/or
specifications, of the IFB may result in your Bid being declared non-responsive.
a) Bidders are expected to examine the entire IFB document including any attachments. Failure to do
so will be at the Bidder’s risk.
b) If it becomes necessary to revise any part of this IFB, a written addendum will be posted on
https://nevada.ionwave.net/Login.aspx and available for all Bidders to download. CSN is not bound
by any oral representations, clarifications, or changes made in the written specifications by CSN
employees, unless such clarification or change is provided to Bidders in written addendum form
from the Purchasing Department.
c) Prices shall be submitted as requested in this IFB. When units are identified, the price for each unit
Bid shall be shown. All prices shall include shipping unless otherwise specified. A total shall be
entered in the amount column for each item bid. In case of error in extension of price, the unit price
will prevail.
d) Alterations, modifications or variations may not be considered unless authorized by this IFB
document or by an addendum.
e) When not otherwise specified, Bidder must definitely state time of proposed delivery. Days must be
calculated in consecutive calendar days.
f) All equipment or supplies shall be new, and of the manufacturer’s current model unless specified
g) Any irregularities or lack of clarity in the IFB should be brought to the attention of the Purchasing
Department, as soon as possible so an addendum may be furnished to all Bidders.
h) Altering the IFB document and Bid form may render the Bid null and void.
i) All Bidders by submitting a Bid Response certify that they agree to the terms and conditions set
forth in this IFB and attached Minimum Contract Terms unless otherwise stated.
j) CSN accepts no responsibility or liability for any costs incurred by a responding firm/company prior
to the execution of the Contract.
k) CSN reserves the right to contract for less than all of the goods/services identified herein.
a) Unless stated otherwise within this IFB, wherever in the IFB any item required to be furnished is
mentioned by a brand name or a manufacturer's name is given, it is intended to establish a
standard of quality or type of material desired and not to restrict the use of other materials which are
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of equal quality or type. Bidders who do not specify a different manufacturer will be required to
furnish items exactly as specified.
b) Any request for alternate equipment or specifications must be submitted, in writing, with the Bid
response. Submissions of equals shall include manufacturer specifications, drawings, schematics,
and other relevant details. Such requests will be evaluated and a determination made as to whether
they meet the criteria for an approved as "equal". Absent of such submission, all bids received will
be required to furnish items exactly as specified. Failure of a successful bidder to provide
equipment or products as specified will be a basis for termination for default.
c) CSN alone shall determine if a substitute item is equal to what was requested and the decision will
be final.
d) CSN reserves the right to consider Bids not in exact accordance with the specifications.
a) Responses are not to contain Confidential/Proprietary Information. CSN/NSHE is subject to the
Nevada Public Records Law, Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 239. Pursuant to NRS 239.010, et
seq., each and every document provided to CSN/NSHE is presumed to be a "public record" open to
inspection and copying by any person. Responses must contain sufficient information to be
evaluated without reference to any confidential or proprietary information. Any Response submitted
that is marked "confidential" or "proprietary," or that contains materials so marked, may be returned
to the Bidder and not be considered for award.
b) All Information in the Responses will be Released Pursuant to a Public Records Request. The
CSN/NSHE advises that the content of your proposal or other information submitted to the
CSN/NSHE is subject to public release, upon request, after contract award. If CSN/NSHE receives
a request for documents marked “confidential or “proprietary”, CSN/NSHE will give no less than 14
calendar days’ notice to the Bidder of CSN/NSHE's intent to release all information requested in
order to allow the Bidder the opportunity to seek court protection from public release of the
information which the Bidder asserts is confidential. In the absence of an order by a Nevada court,
with jurisdiction over CSN/NSHE, not to release the requested information or documents, it will be
c) CSN/NSHE shall not be Liable for Disclosure of Proposer's Documents or Information. CSN/NSHE
shall not in any way be liable to Bidder for the disclosure of any information contained in Bidder's
response to the RFP. Furthermore, Bidder represents and warrants that any document or
information it provides to CSN/NSHE does not contain proprietary or confidential information owned
or controlled by a third-party. If CSN/NSHE is required to defend an action with regard to
information or documents provided by Bidder that is alleged to contain confidential or proprietary
information owned or controlled by a third-party, Bidder shall defend and indemnify CSN/NSHE, its
officers, employees and agents from any against any and all such claims, demands, losses,
damages, costs and expenses, including attorney's fees and costs.
All bids shall be submitted in NGEM by the date and time listed in the IFB.
Bids will be opened and read publicly at the time and place indicated in the IFB. Prospective Bidders,
their authorized agents and other interested parties are invited to be present. The total sum read shall
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be subject to the provisions of determination of the lowest Bid as outlined under the "Award of Contract"
paragraph. Information read is subject to verification.
Any prospective Bidder may request withdrawal of a posted, sealed Bid prior to the scheduled Bid
opening time provided the request for withdrawal is submitted to the Purchasing Department in writing,
or presents themselves in person with proper identification to the Purchasing Department and verbally
requests the Bid be withdrawn and signs for its receipt.
The Bidder agrees to a minimum of 120 calendar day acceptance period from the date of public
The terms of this Contract are contingent upon sufficient appropriations and authorizations being made
by CSN for the performance of this Contract. If sufficient appropriations and authorizations are not
made by CSN, this Contract shall terminate, without penalty, upon written notice being given by CSN to
the Contractor. CSN’s decision as to whether sufficient appropriations are available shall be accepted
by Contractor and shall be final.
a) Award shall be made to the lowest responsive and responsible Bidder(s) after giving due
consideration to price, quality, availability, conformance to specifications, financial capability and
service, including such things as life cycle cost, if applicable, all in the best interests of the
requesting department and CSN.
b) CSN may accept any item or group of items of any Bids unless the Bidder qualifies its Bid by
specific limitations.
c) CSN reserves the right to award by item, groups of items, or all items, or to reject any and all Bids
in whole or in part, and to waive minor irregularities and omissions, whereby the best interests of
CSN would be served.
d) CSN reserves the right to award, if in the best interest of CSN, to multiple contractors.
e) A purchase order provided to the successful Bidder within the time for acceptance specified in the
Bid, results in a binding contract without further action by either party and/or a formal Contract may
be entered into between the successful Bidder(s) and CSN.
f) If applicable, the terms and conditions contained in the attached Minimum Contract Terms or, in the
sole discretion of CSN, terms and conditions substantially similar to those contained in the Minimum
Contract Terms, will constitute and govern any agreement that results from this IFB. If Bidder takes
exception to any terms or conditions set forth in the contract, Bidder will submit a specific list of the
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exceptions as part of its response to this IFB. Bidder’s exceptions will be reviewed by CSN and
may result in disqualification of Bidder’s offer as non-responsive to this IFB. If Bidder’s exceptions
do not result in disqualification of Bidder’s response, then CSN may consider Bidder’s exceptions
when CSN evaluates the Bidder’s response.
g) If after the award of an item or items has been made to a Bidder and a purchase order is issued to
that Bidder for the item or items awarded; the Bidder fails to furnish the items as listed on the
purchase order, that Bidder may be removed from our Bidder list for a period of one year.
h) Any governmental, state, or public entity within the State of Nevada or outside the State may utilize
this IFB at their option to obtain goods or services at the agreed upon price(s) throughout the term
of the resulting contract with the authorization of the successful Bidder(s) (“Contractor(s)”). CSN is
not liable for the obligations of the governmental entity which joins or uses the resulting contract.
Bidders are required to comply with all OSHA, EPA, ADA and any and all other relevant state and
federal standards, codes and regulations that may apply.
Bidders shall preserve in strict confidence any information obtained, assembled or prepared in
connection with the performance of this Bid.
In case of default of the selected Contractor, CSN may procure the articles or services from the
other sources and hold the Contractor responsible for any excess cost occasioned thereby;
provided, that if public necessity requires the use of materials or supplies not conforming to the
specifications they may be accepted and payment therefore shall be made at the proper reduction in
Bidders may be disqualified and rejection of Bids may be recommended by the Purchasing Department
for any of (but not limited to) the following causes:
a) Failure to properly complete the Bid.
b) Evidence of collusion among Bidders.
e) Unauthorized alteration of Bid.
Failure to submit requested documents required in Bid terms, conditions and specifications.
g) Failure to furnish proof of receipt of any addendum pertaining to that particular bid project.
h) Any Bidder who has defaulted on prior contracts or is guilty of misrepresentation by any
member of that particular firm.
CSN reserves the right to waive any minor informality or irregularity.
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